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2014 Toyota Furia

2014 Toyota Furia Price and Specs

2014 Toyota Furia side

For many years the Toyota Corolla has been a go to car for many purchasers. It has attracted people and it was in the top of the selling pols for many years, but always seemed to lacked something. The design was always a bit off and although many people agreed to but it there were still some complaints about the exterior and the performance of the car. This opted the people from Toyota to make a step forward and redesign its Corolla with the inclusion of the 2014 Toyota Furia which exemplifies and bold new statement and step where the Corolla line might be going. The initial impressions are exasperating and the premier response promises that it has pawed the road for an entirely new lien of vehicles which Toyota plans to keep on making onward. The 2014 Toyota Furia will be a suitable pioneer to help them venture into the new waters in front of them.

2014 Toyota Furia Exterior

The design of the next generation Corolla vehicles is seen in the production of the 2014 Toyota Furia design. The car has been substantially upgraded and now looks as it is supposed to look. The headlights have been redesigned and now feature a black-out design and pose a more slender look. The headlights merge into the grill and connect to it, giving it a much bolder and meaner look.

2014 Toyota Furia rear side

2014 Toyota Furia rear

The front part around the grille also features a front air dam and flat intakes by the sides. The profile has been kept simple, so you will get a car which has a two tone look with a grey tone at the bottom which is slightly protruding and going up at the back. The effectiveness of the design is highest with the stretched wheelbase and by bending the C-pillars a bit, ultimately giving it an entirely new look. The result was a very beautiful design and a car which is going to be one of the fan favorites for years to come.

2014 Toyota Furia front grill

2014 Toyota Furia front light


The interior has not suffered a lot of the changes. The 2014 Toyota Furia will get to keep some essential trademark features of the car but with a modern upgrade. There is enough room in the car to keep the driver relaxed but on its feet at the same time while introducing new and very comfortable seats to keep the elegance of the car intact. The dashboard has been changed slightly giving you better access to the car’s new features. A technological input has also been secured as the car will now include some of the latest and most modern features in terms of entertainment systems and safety features.

2014 Toyota Furia interior


Since the car is now 1.9 inches longer and 1.6 wider, it was due for an engine change. You will experience within the 2014 Toyota Furia a 1.8 liter and 4-cylinder engine which capable of reaching 132 horsepower. The standard transmission system is going to include a six-speed gearbox while the models with heavy trip will have to use a CVT transmission system. the new engine specs have also made the car better in terms of fuel economy, so expect to spare some money with the new release. The output of fuel for a city drive is estimated at 28 mpg, while for a highway drive there is an estimated expense of 39 mpg. A totally new feature is the eco-mode button which will enable you to lessen the fuel expense even more and give you a totally fuel efficient ride.

2014 Toyota Furia wheel


The 2014 Toyota Furia is due to come out at the end of this year, making at last its long awaited reboot. The car will certainly attract much attention and rumors and expectations about its release are constantly piling up. As for the price of the 2014 Toyota Furia, you will have to spend some $17000, which is the estimated base price. But for the vehicles with a larger trim the price is estimated somewhere at $24000.



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Robert • October 28, 2014

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