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2015 Toyota Tarago

2015 Toyota Tarago Release Date and Price

2015 Toyota Tarago rear

The new 2015 Toyota Tarago is out and specs say that we are in for a much better car that we have been used for in the past. The year of 2015 brings many changes for Tarago which will result in a much better car featuring a much better ride as well. Although some features that are trademark for the Toyota Tarago models have been kept it is no issue that there are many upgrades added to the vehicle. The most resounding change is the inclusion of a new gearbox installed in the new vehicle. This is something the fans have been looking forward till now and it is the innovation which is currently sweeping the net. The car released date is set for the end of the year and we are also eagerly expecting its release.

2015 Toyota Tarago Exterior

Let us first discus the exterior design for the 2015 Toyota Tarago. As most of you have perhaps already seen the Tarago has gained some vast changes on the outside of it. Changes are of course done for the better as we now have an interesting model which shows that the car has moved a step forward into the future. A fresh new design is what the Toyota Tarago line really needed and it is a sign for the eyes if you ask me as the car now includes a glamorous new look. The main changes include a new fascia design and also a new chrome grill as well. The grill will actually have a smaller air intake but with a much larger air dam beneath it which will greatly boost it. New headlights are also included which are produced with the latest LED technology.

2015 Toyota Tarago


As for the inside of the 2015 Toyota Tarago is concerned the car will still have its trademark three rows of seats, with the last row being foldable allowing more trunks space and larger cargo capacity. Allowing the Tarago to keep its vast interior spacing is just one part of the new vehicle as the new inclusion features a technological upgrade for the car.

2015 Toyota Tarago interior

Now you will be able to use more modern features and useful inclusions which the car will now be able to support. Firstly, a larger touch screen display is installed with modern navigational system, stereo system and audio technology and all be compatible and usable by your iPhone which you can use to charge in the car or control some of the features added. So what you will get is a roomier Taragaon with enough leg space and room for the passengers to feel comfortable and in a much technologically sound surrounding.

2015 Toyota Tarago rear seats

2015 Toyota Tarago cargo space


The new transmission needs a great engine. Out of those reasons the 2015 Toyota Tarago will include a great engine to fit the standards of the vehicle. The new CVT-transmission added to this car will use a 4.5 liter 4-cylinder engine. The combined efforts of these parts are enough to produce 125 horsepower at 225 Nm of torque. This engine fits well with the transmission and will equal a better and more sound ride than the previous models. Also the vehicle now includes better fuel efficiency and will certainly make for it being a much reliable and cost-effective vehicle. The reduced CO2 emission and better fuel use will enable the car to spare at least 6.8 % than the previous model.

2015 Toyota Tarago engine


You can expect to see the 2015 Toyota Tarago on the market at the end of 2014 at which period its release date is scheduled. Some of the fans truly cannot wait to see the car on the road and experience its performance firsthand but will need to wait just a little bit more longer to do that. The fans will also be pleased to know that the car will not cost more and will be in the price range of the previous model, with the new one costing about $51,990.



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Robert • October 25, 2014

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