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2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight main

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight

After its release date the 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight has been attracting much attention from fans all over the world. The vehicle has been redesigned and remodeled in a spectacular fashion and has been ultimately made to be more cost effective and fuel efficient. It actually slashes the price of the newest GT86 compared with…

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2016 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition

2016 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition

At the last year’s SEMA Auto Show there have been some pretty amazing additions to the roster of the remolded cars. Toyota had its own entries which might have been regarded as either very strange or rather peculiar. Toyota has surprised us with its 2016 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition and the Toyota Yaris DUB edition…

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2015 Toyota IQ

2015 Toyota IQ Specs and Price

After the debut of the first Toyota IQ back in 2011, we are in for its sixth installment for the future. The 2015 Toyota IQ comes to us wits some great specs and very interesting characteristics. It is a car that is much like the Smart vehicle very short in size and is convenient for…

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2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo

For all the fans of high-performance cars, so to say super-cars, we have a special kind of a test comparison 2015 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo. As other showcases, this one doesn’t serve to advocate for one car or the other but to present all characteristics, pros and cons of both models and it is…

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2015 Ford F-150 VS 2015 Toyota Tundra ford f150

2015 Ford F-150 VS 2015 Toyota Tundra

Here is the comparison of 2015 Ford F-150 and 2015 Toyota Tundra, both models for 2015. Enjoy this 2015 Ford F-150 VS 2015 Toyota Tundra article and let us know which one is your favorite! For fans of trucks and similarly-built cars, this year is definitely a promising one. A large number of brands and manufacturers…

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2016 Toyota Sequoia

2016 Toyota Sequoia Changes and Review

Check out this review of the 2016 Toyota Sequoia. This vehicle is known for its practicality and towing capabilities. The car is a great family vehicle which offers a comfortable ride and enough comfort inside for the whole family to enjoy. All in all the Toyota Sequoia for 2016 has offered an old-school package which…

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2015 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry honda

2015 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry Specs

The 2015 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry are perhaps the two best midsized sedan vehicles currently available on the market. Besides incorporating great reliability, both of them have a great array of impressive standard and optional equipment. And both vehicles are insanely roomy, particularly if you use these type of cars for your family outings…

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2015 Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma nissan

2015 Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma – Trucks Compare

The market for small and maneuverable trucks is pretty tight currently. There not many options available as some brands have taken a slump while others have yet to deliver something manageable and useful. What is left for now are the 2015 Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma. But which one fits the bill better? The race…

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2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited grill

2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Price

Toyota has now managed to establish themselves the world’s leading hybrid vehicle production company. As well it should, as the hybrid vehicles they have produced are one of the most reliable, drivable and fuel efficient vehicles on the market. One vehicle in their long fleet of hybrid cars is the new 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid…

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