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2019 Toyota Camry

2019 Toyota Camry – Back, Enduring And Expressive

2019 Toyota Camry

Although the details that you would expect of an upcoming back has not been seen from Toyota for the new 2019 Toyota Camry, we still have a few things to share about it.

If you don’t know, Camry has been a household name for more than 30 years. It may not have thrived as you expect, and this may be one of the reasons that Toyota is rebranding it and wants to make it acceptable in the market.

So, there are few things about the specs, the price, the new designs to expect and what you will find in the interior. Read below to learn more about the 2019 Toyota Camry.

Release Date

If you have followed the automobile trend, you will see that most car companies release their product of car, one year before the model year of that car.

So, what you should expect is that a 2019 Toyota Camry, should be released in the year 2018.

There is no official information to confirm if this is the same thing that will happen to the 2019 Toyota Camry, but there are speculations that the car may be seen on the sales shelves starting from September 2018.


The same thing for the price — there is no official price point that has been declared by the manufacturers of 2019 Toyota Camry.

There can be changes at just anytime, though, there are industry speculations that the price of 2019 Toyota Camry may start, for its entry-level at $24,000.

You may need to watch out for more updates on this to be sure of the exact price.

Design and Changes

2019 Toyota Camry

There are trim levels that were since in the 2018 version of the 2019 Toyota Camry, and there are loads of possibilities that those trims levels and models will be retained in the new model.

Something else that you will observe is that the 2019 Toyota Camry will have a dark tint on the LED of its taillight and also for the headlamp.

What you now in the 2019 Toyota Camry, is something sportier and gives a great impression when you drive it.



The powertrains that you have in previous models of the 2019 Toyota Camry will be retained.

So, you can expect to have a base trim level that has a 2.5-liter of an I-4 engine that will give off a power of 203 horsepower.

There will be another option to the engine, which is a 3.5-liter V6 that will give off a power of 301 horsepower too.

The range of fuel economy will be retained form the 2018 version of the 2019 Toyota Camry — that means, you will have 22 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway for the non-hybrid trim levels.


2019 Toyota Camry

There will be different trim levels for the 2019 Toyota Camry, and one of them which is the premium XLE will have a charging pad that is completely wireless.

This premium version also has a 7.0-inch display for the driver to see and check out details of vehicle’s operations.

The front seats are heated and have leather trims all over. There is also the 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen that will give you all the musical and digital pleasure that you desire.



2019 Toyota Camry

Robert • September 25, 2018

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