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SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 – Toyota Displays

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 corolla

It’s getting close to that time of the year as November is upon us and customize car enthusiasts are flocking to Las Vegas for another annual SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014. The Specialty Equipment Market Association, or simply SEMA, is a automobile show of customized and tuned up vehicles which are brought to you by many popular brands and car makers from out the world. Each year the show brings almost all of the major brands together and enables them to display some of the more imaginative and interesting versions of their vehicles. It is actually a great way to show off what the automobile makers can really do when they let loose a bit and let their imagination do all the work. This year promises to be one of the best and the announced vehicles promise to get the attention of the wider public when displayed.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 camry

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 – Toyota Cars

The American public is generally and widely interested in what the Japanese car makers are going to display this year, as their wild styles are highly regarded in the states. One of the major pretenders is Toyota which has announced a roster of a couple of mind-blowing vehicles which are going to be presented on the SEMA  Show this year. Toyota has decided to go a bit DUB and off-road this year, presenting vehicles which are going to take part in off road races in the latter period and some very entertaining designs which will be more that appealing to the audience which is music oriented.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 Yaris

Sienna Minivan and Yaris

First the Sienna minivan and the Yaris subcompact that are going to be displayed have been remodeled in a DUB fashion bringing all the audience quite an interesting concept of these vehicles. These DUB-inspired models may prove to be one of the more popular displays on this year’s SEMA Show. The Sienna minivan has been upgraded with a lower ride height and larger brakes. Biffed up with 22-inch wheels and a custom Gray Galaxy paint job added on a wide body kit, the Sienna looks like quite an eye-candy on display. Inside you may find even more treats than the outside. Firstly, the comfortable leather upholsteries made with an all-black and white look make for the styling part of the tour while the entertainment is provided all by DUB with two amps, eight speakers and four subwoofers to make your car bounce from all the power of the sound this vehicle can produce.

As for the Yaris is concerned, the vehicle displays also a lower suspension type rolling on 20-inch Dropstars wheels. The chassis changes include the all new StopTech rotors and big-brake kit from TRD. All of the features are of course provided by DUB and certainly makes for a quite interesting mash up for the Yaris vehicle. the inside, on the other hand, includes Sparco racing seats with all carbon-fiber interior bits. The inside custom wide body kit is glossed with a custom white pearl paint job making the interior design of the Yaris pretty amazing.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 dub edition

Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner

Displayed as well will be the Tundra Pro Desert racer with the Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner as back up vehicles. Four of these vehicles will actually take part in the preceding Baja 1000 off-road race and the Tundra promises to be the crown jewel of that competition. Displayed here you will see the off-road modifications which have been brought to the off-road specialists at N-Fab, which has equipped these vehicles for the vicious off-road challenges that race which lasts from 12th to 16th of November this year will provide. Made by Toyota’s TRD staff these SUVs are fitted with modern upgrades such as guidance equipment, extra communications add-ons, additional lights for a better display of the surrounding and specially fitted body upgrades which will make for the extreme conditions these vehicles are meant to withstand.

Perhaps the most entertaining concept brought by Toyota for this year’s SEMA show is the Sienna Remix. The car has been fashioned by West Coast Customs and represents every audiophile’s dream. A sort of an ultimate DJ experience this vehicle is provided with 156 inches of speakers and 48 inches of subwoofers, and that is only on the outside ladies and gentlemen.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 4 toyota runner

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 front side runner

Inside you will find a DJ rack with the five high-powered amps which power the interior and the exterior music systems. The DJ booth is magnificently positioned at the back allowing you to spin the needle on a record any time you decide it to be fit. On the exterior you will also see the 40-inch monitors which enhance the visual look and also the added Giovanna mesh wheels which are the jerry on the cake for the exterior appearance of the car. This is certainly one of the most anticipated concepts on this year’s show and one which also provides a lot of focus and it will be interesting on seeing how this car is going to fair after the Show finishes.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 toyota DJ

Spectacular Show of Toyota Vehicles

Toyota has also an ace up its sleeve, as there is an additional car which has yet to be unveiled. There are not information and no speculation on what this car actually might be as the only things seen was a mystery car which has been brought by Toyota covered and with no distinctive features to help us guess what this car might be. The only thing left to do is wait for the actually show to start when the car is scheduled to be revealed. This aura of mystery certainly promises something spectacular from the Japanese car makers and we are certainly on the edge on our seats to find out what it may be.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 trd tacoma

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 tundra

Stick and stay with all of the info related with the new SEMA Aftermarket Show of 2014 and get ready for another spectacular experience that is going to be displayed here. The auto industry’s giants are all here and are ready to make their marks, and Toyota is certainly one of them. The show starts on 4th November so get ready for a spectacle.

SEMA Aftermarket Show 2014 4runner



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Robert • October 29, 2014

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