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2020 Toyota Supra

2020 Toyota Supra – Back, Better And Bolder

The whole world thought Toyota has bid goodbye forever to supra, but hey, not too fast. The new and redesigned 2020 Toyota Supra is back, and better than you can imagine. After more than 15 years of disappearance from the market and line of cars that were produced by Toyota, it is here again with…

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Toyota Supra Price

Toyota Supra Price, Review And Tips For 2017

The new Toyota Supra will enter the competition in the sports car market next year. It is reported that this new sedan shares the same platform as the BMW Z5 one, offering not only a good sport car, but also a world-class performance and good specifications. It is believed that the Toyota Supra price will…

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2017 toyota supra

2017 Toyota Supra Review and Specs

Ever since 2007 that the world has been expecting to see the new Toyota Supra. It was then intended to hit the market in 2013 but Toyota just kept delaying the car for one or another reason. A few years ago, Toyota signed up an agreement with BMW in order to develop a new roadster,…

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2016 Toyota Supra Convertible release date

2016 Toyota Supra Convertible

Now it’s time to take a look at the 2016 Toyota Supra Convertible version review. For quite some time the new Supra from Toyota was out, giving the audiences a run for their money. A vehicle which initially started as FT1-concept back in February has first received its sedan version. But what is a Supra…

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2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo

For all the fans of high-performance cars, so to say super-cars, we have a special kind of a test comparison 2015 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo. As other showcases, this one doesn’t serve to advocate for one car or the other but to present all characteristics, pros and cons of both models and it is…

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2015 Toyota Supra red

2015 Toyota Supra – Release Date and Price

Every sports car fan has certainly added the 2015 Toyota Supra to his top 10 sports car list. The reason for this is because the Toyota Supra is truly one of the most popular sports car that everyone knows about and enjoys and it is its reliability and handling on the road that has gain…

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Toyota Supra 2015 main

Toyota Supra 2015 – Performance and Redesign

The redesigned Toyota Supra 2015 has been a long awaited model. For years fans have been only hearing rumors and various talks about a new Supra being released on the market. We have here one text more about new Supra model, take a look together what we can expect. For years those talks remained only…

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