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2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight main

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight

After its release date the 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight has been attracting much attention from fans all over the world. The vehicle has been redesigned and remodeled in a spectacular fashion and has been ultimately made to be more cost effective and fuel efficient. It actually slashes the price of the newest GT86 compared with…

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2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 Review

When the Toyota GT 86 came out it was regarded as a much needed change for the GT line of the Toyota brand. But all of the hype and expectations soon came splashing down after its unveiling. The car did not manage to achieve the half of its expectations and was sidelined by many. Especially…

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2013 Toyota GT 86 red banned commercial

Banned Toyota GT86 Commercial

There are many commercial or ads which have been filmed but have never seen the lights of the day on the small screen. Tons of ads have been banned due to its inappropriate advertising or unsafe conducts depicted on them. Not all countries promote the same ideals and in some of them certain contents can…

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2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe Concept

It is time to unveil perhaps the most anticipated one yet, and that is the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe concept, as the year has been shaping out and many acclaims and rumors have been going around the Toyota industry. Noted as perhaps the most drivable car and one which attracts the most popularity, the…

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