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2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Release and Price

News of Toyota’s plans to release a 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser has come as a thriller for all fans of this company and its lines of models. Formerly a bare-bone monster intended solely for off-road conditions has received some significant updates and benefitted from some interesting innovations. Above all, now it has come to the…

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2014 Toyota Furia

2014 Toyota Furia Price and Specs

For many years the Toyota Corolla has been a go to car for many purchasers. It has attracted people and it was in the top of the selling pols for many years, but always seemed to lacked something. The design was always a bit off and although many people agreed to but it there were…

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2014 Lexus LS600h

2014 Lexus LS600h Price and Release

When it comes to the newest addition to the Lexus family, 2014 Lexus LS600h, many interesting things can be pointed out. As a difference from the previous models, usually described as conservative and inconspicuous in terms of styling, this new model aims to crush some stereotypes and we will provide you with information about its…

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