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Toyota Yaris 2017

Toyota Yaris 2017 Subcompacting In Style

With so many people interested in the small crossover perspective, the Toyota Yaris 2017 is a smart bet. The vehicle gets an update only in time because the previous version still has many success. However, their direct competitors aren’t resting. The best things about this new model are the agility as well as the value…

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2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car developed and produced by Toyota since 1999. It is in its third generation now, but by the architecture of its engine and all the things it has to offer, it looks like it still lives in nineties. The only competitive attribute of this car is its price. In…

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2016 Toyota Yaris DUB front side

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB

Introduced at the last year’s SEMA Auto Show is the newest 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition. The Yaris is actually the smallest vehicle Toyota’s US lineup. But this is perhaps the thing that attracted the people from DUB magazine to use this car and give it a complete aftermarket makeover. The pictures of the 2016…

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