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2014 Toyota Avalon

2014 Toyota Avalon Engine and Price

The 2014 Toyota Avalon is largely considered as one of the more reliable and drivable large cars, with great fuel economy and easy drive. The past models may have been criticized for its handling abilities and many of the reviewers really made it an issue and a thing which the Avalon lacked. But with the 2014 Toyota Avalon the fault has been cleared and one of the largest setbacks is now made as one of the car’s greatest advantage. Additionally, the look of the car has significantly been upgraded, and as we can see immediately the vehicle has been given a far more youthful look, making it equally attractive as well as useful. Also, many would agree that this car is one of the more affordable ones on the market, at least when we consider the cost of the large cars in its class.


2014 Toyota Avalon – Engine

As for the performance of the engine is concerned, a more powerful one has been made in order to power a massive beast like the Avalon is. The 2014 Toyota Avalon renders an engine which gives bit more kick to it and the under the hood design is certainly one the people of Toyota are proved of. It features a 3.5 liter V6 engine producing 268 hp and 248 Nm of torque. Fuel economy is also very favorable for this car and makes it one of the better ones with an estimated 21/31 mpg.

2014 Toyota Avalon Engine

Hybrid Engine

There is also a hybrid option available with a 2.5 liter engine able to produce 200 of hybrid system horsepower. Estimated fuel economy for the hybrid version is 40/39 mpg.

2014 Avalon – Price

As we have already mentioned, the Avalon series is certainly one of the more affordable cars on the market and the inclusion of its 2014 model carries on this premise. The 2014 model is only some $350 pricier than the last year’s one, making it still one of the most affordable large cars on the market. The 2014 Toyota Avalon is available in the US market from the local dealerships at $32.000. The hybrid option is priced at $36.000 while limited models and special request can range up to $41.000.

2014 Toyota Avalon side

2014 Toyota Avalon Exterior

The Toyota Avalon line has never be known for its flair and extroversive outside look. It has always been considered a rather standard car with low radar looks. But as for the 2014 Toyota Avalon is concerned the outside look has been considerably changed, giving the car a much bolder and exterior with a bit of an attitude. The car’s new design after the facelift is one of the aspects which appeal to the general public and is truly a step forward for the Avalon model.

2014 Toyota Avalon front grill

Since the car has been purely crafted and designed in California, US, hence its mainly American look which some are calling it. The masculine exterior of the 2014 Avalon is characterized by a roofline impart and an included C-pillar in the forward part. The headlights are designed in the shape of square shape, which are called Quadrabeam. And to top it off, the powerful look of the Avalon is finished with 17-inch allow wheels, chrome exhaust and LED taillights.

2014 Toyota Avalon – Interior

The interior part of the 2014 Toyota Avalon has also taken a bit of remodeling. A more modern look for the new age and certainly one which the buyers will appreciate. They are calling it as the finest cabin ever built, well at least for its class anyway, and they are doing it rightfully so. The interior of the 2014 Avalon looks extremely comfortable and the outside design of the car allows for a larger for more rear-seat headroom.

2014 Toyota Avalon interior

Basically the inside part is better trimmed and more stylish than the past models. Tech nuts will also enjoy the innovative inclusions of the car which is now one of the more modern cars made. Firstly, the dashboard has been more user-friendly arranged and the inclusion of a very advanced touchpad accounts for this fact. Other inclusions feature a push button starter, better and more sensible voice recognition, mobile application integration and a much reliable and far advanced navigation system than the past year’s model.



2014 Toyotaavalonengineexteriorinteriorprice

Robert • June 22, 2014

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