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2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla

The 2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla are certainly one of the more dependable cars on the current market. They are both valued among the consumers and the fans and both have a great reputation an en enormous fan base. And why shouldn’t they? Both of the cars are characterized by very favorable fuel efficiency, are very affordable and present a great options for people who are on the budget and want to spare on their consuming and are highly dependable and drivable which is perhaps one of the greater advantage of both vehicles. But the question remains, which one would you choose. Which of the two is a better choice? Both cars have their own advantages and disadvantages and both of the two will amaze you in their own special way and both are also champions among the small cars as well.


2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla – Price

The similarities of the both cars are so great that even the difference in the pricing is very slight. The Honda Civic is priced at $22.000 while the Toyota Corolla comes down to in this case lesser $21.000, which you would agree is perhaps inconsiderable. But as many people agree a slight, but only a slight advantage may be given to the Toyota Corolla against the Honda Civic.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla  Toyota Corolla

It is the general conviction that the great redesign which the Toyota Corolla has underwent through has been just enough to make this car gain the competition against the Honda Civic and take an advantage. The serious redesign of the Corolla has gain it a spot of the favorite car for now, but we shall certainly see what the people of Honda have in mind for the Civic as an answer for the future to come.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla – Engine

When the performance of the engines is in question, we are actually comparing two completely similar if not exactly the same engine types between the 2014 Toyota Corolla and the 2014 Honda Civic. Both engines have an extremely favorable fuel economy which earns them the spot of being one of the more affordable cars on the market. Both cars have a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine with a slight difference of horsepower in the favor of the Honda Civic with its 140 of hp, compared to 132 hp of the Toyota Corolla. A slight advantage may be given to the Toyota Corolla as its fuel economy of 29/37 mpg is slightly better compared with the Honda Civic’s 28/36 mpg.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla engine

2014 Toyota Corolla Highlights

The redesigned Toyota Corolla is a great step forward to the previous year’s model. The best work has been done on the overall appearance of the car, giving it a more interesting and certainly a more appealing look than before. The inside part has also been tuned up a bit as a set of more modern features has been introduced to prepare the car for the future. The engine has remained the same on the other hand, but the addition of a continuously variable transmission system and some other updates allow better and more favorable fuel economy.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla rear side

2014 Honda Civic Highlights

The Honda Civic is perhaps one of the more popular cars when it comes to small cars. The 2014 model has played its part and has certainly surpassed its expectations of its predecessors. Something which has earned it’s the Honda Civic mark down the years is the fuel economy of the car, making it one of the best on the market. The fans were certainly thrilled with this already useful feature being enhanced for the 2014 year model.

It will be interesting to compare new Toyota and New Honda Civic for 2016.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla – Exterior

As for the exterior design of these two cars the people of Toyota have certainly made an effort. As the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have always been fierce rivals year after year and during most of the time being neck and neck in comparison, the 2014 Toyota Corolla has perhaps took the advantage of its interior design. The changes of compared to the last year’s model were on first glance slight but the end result was massive.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla Honda rear side

A series of small increases was made to various parts of the exterior car and the overall result came down to an almost 6 percent increase in cargo space for the Toyota Corolla, which the Honda Civic cannot even start to compare with. The Toyota Corolla 13 cubic-feet of cargo space are certainly something what the people of Honda will have to keep in mind when they consider to redesign their Honda Civic for the next year.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla side

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla – Interior

Comparing the interior design of 2014 Toyota Corolla and 2014 Honda Civic is certainly hard to do. Both of the cars have a uniquely similar design when it comes to comfort and the usefulness of the included amenities inside. The Toyota Corolla has gained a lot of redesigning of the inside part as they have concentrated a lot on the comfort of the seats and the overall comfort for the passengers.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota honda interior

The greatest inclusion was the design of the rear seat part where considerable legroom has been added so people at the back can sit comfy as well. On the other hand the Honda Civic has had a few innovations on the dashboard adding some modern features which have maybe done just enough to keep with the competition against the Toyota Corolla.

2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla interior Corolla




Robert • June 24, 2014

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