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2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe Concept

It is time to unveil perhaps the most anticipated one yet, and that is the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe concept, as the year has been shaping out and many acclaims and rumors have been going around the Toyota industry. Noted as perhaps the most drivable car and one which attracts the most popularity, the GT 86 model delivers on its easy handling abilities with the combination of speed and comfort as well. It is as they say the perfect sports coupe which is now getting a new model. This truly sound exciting if you are a fan of this car and if the predictions are true the new 2015 Toyota GT 86 coupe concept will certainly deliver on its promises. As the official stats and specs are yet to be revealed there are a lot of rumors going on and we have some of the prime information which we can present to you so that you can get a better picture of your favorite car before its official unveiling. You should expect the greatest changes under the hood of the GT 86 because the makers of this care have decided to upgrade it a bit and have made a step forward in its make this year.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Engine

The greatest changes for the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe concept are yet to be revealed. As there are many rumors going on but yet still no official confirmation we can only assume that the new model is going to pack a more powerful punch than the old one, or at least that is what the fans are hoping for and eagerly expecting. The current information is that the model is going to pack a 2.0 liter and a 4 cylinder boxer engine. It will be capable of producing 200 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Additional rumors are that the developers have decided to equip the car with a turbocharger and a larger displacement, but there is no doubt that the energy of the older model will be greater. Also with the engine, there has been some tuning on the rear suspension and the addition of shock absorbers as well, which will result in even better driving abilities of the car for the future.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe engine

2015 Toyota GT 86 Price

As the principle of the car is to be revealed in mid 2014, the new 2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe concept will be available to you at the beginning of next year. As the pricing is concerned there are yet to be specifications about that. The announcement of the price has yet to be disclosed because many of the performances and parts of the car have yet to be confirmed. So for now we are assuming that the Toyota GT 86 will keep its usual price of a reasonably priced car and that not much change will be happening there.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe spy photos

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe Exterior

When asked why change a perfectly good car and why make a new model of the GT 86, the developers in Toyota said that developing a good sports car is an ongoing process which takes years to perfect and every bit of innovation will add to its value. This is why the decision to upgrade and make a 2015 Toyota GT 86 coupe model was put into use. The changes to the exterior are actually not that big.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe rear side

By seeing the 2015 GT 86 model on the road you will notice only subtle changes which actually give the new car a bolder look. The pole antenna was substituted with a shark-fin which gives the car better aerodynamics and more speed. Additionally the car is going to be released in two new additional colors, silver and white, so the fans will now get an entirely new choice to make when acquiring this car.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe wheel

2015 GT 86 Interior

The inside look of the car will keep its sporty look but with a bit more feel to it. As the 2015 Toyota GT 86 coupe will widely be considered as a top sports car, so has the need for a great inside look arisen.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe steering wheel

The new carbon fiber theme of the inside of the car is what will give the edge to the 2015 GT 86 model. The dashboard and the instruments panel will be redesigned to make you feel comfortable at the same time using it but keeping up with the traditional look of a prime sportster.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Coupe interior




Robert • June 20, 2014

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