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Toyota 2015 Cell Hydrogen Car

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Car – Specs and Release Date

Toyota has finally unveiled their hydrogen fueled car which was only announced as a concept on the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The first impressions are very interesting and some fans conclude that is the future of car design and vehicles around the world. The concept of 2015 Toyota hydrogen car is environmentally friendly car with low emission systems is something which will lead us to the future, or a bit cleaner and less air polluted future. The exterior design of the car and the specs and the initial pricing of the car has been revealed in Toyota City, Japan. They are calling it a FCV, or a Fuel Cell Vehicle, which owes to its origins to the Tesla model and is a step of Toyota to a much more environmentally safe future. You can see the vehicle in the Youtube video below.

Toyota Hydrogen vs Tesla

As the Tesla model, which many believe has started it all, the 2015 Toyota Hydrogen FCV runs of hydrogen and does not produce any kind of emissions which a gasoline powered car produces. The only emissions that the car produces are the hydrogen vapors which happen during the process when driving. Toyota has turned to the environment preserving market and has based its design on the principles of finding and utilizing diverse fuel sources, developing efficient low-emission vehicles and popularizing these vehicles through their environmentally friendly capacity and properties.

Toyota hydrogen front 2015

Hydrogen Engine

Choosing hydrogen for its main fuel source may prove to be a bit risky but can at the same time go in the other direction and give wonderful results for 2015 Toyota Hydrogen car. The concept of the hydrogen fueled car is based on it being produced using a variety of alternative fuel sources like solar power and wind power. The hydrogen is then being compressed and its high density allow it to be used as a great fuel source. It is very easy to store and can be carried with ease. The engine of Toyota hydrogen car is actually based on performing chemical reactions between the oxygen and the hydrogen with the outcome of efficiently powering the car, giving it enough power to perform as an ordinary gasoline powered vehicle, while the emissions are mere hydrogen vapors which pose no threat to the environment at all.

Toyota 2015 Cell Hydrogen Car

As this concept seems entirely welcomed by many people of the world and a no-emission design will certainly attract a lot of popularity there are some downfalls which are yet to be addressed. The first being that there are not much hydrogen facilities around the world which will be used as a refueling area for these vehicles. Because of the fact that, at the moment, hydrogen is hard to come by to fuel your FCV it certainly represents a problem. For now, Toyota is releasing its hydrogen powered car only in countries or areas which support the hydrogen based production and have facilities which can manufacture this kind of alternative fuel. For now this is not a problem for the Tesla vehicle which only asks from you that you have an electrical outlet for its refueling.

Toyota Hydrogen Release Date

The specs which have been released for the car are extremely promising. As some have thought that an alternative fuel powered car cannot measure to the performance of a gasoline powered one, many of you have proven to be wrong. The Toyota hydrogen car can produce enough charge for a 430 mile cruise, making this sedan completely comparable with the gasoline powered ones. The refueling time which has proven to be a problem for the Tesla model is certainly not something which could be addressed here. With an absolute low time of a five minute charge time it certainly gives an advantage for the FCV when it comes to the elapsed time while refueling.


2015 Toyota Hydrogen Price

The release date of 2015 Toyota Hydrogen has yet to be entirely confirmed and the only thing which we do know is that the car is currently being released in Japan but only in the areas which support the hydrogen power facilities. As for the US release, you will have to wait for the summer of next year. The case is the same when we mention Europe as the release dates for both Europe and the US will match. The current pricing for the FCV has only been released for the area of Japan and currently stands at 7 million yen. The approximate pricing for other regions is estimated at $60.000, but the exact figures are yet to be revealed as these are only the first calculations for the price of this environmentally friendly sedan. For the exact pricing we will most likely have to wait until its US unveillance next year.





Robert • June 25, 2014

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