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Toyota Starlet 2014

Toyota Starlet Price For 2015

Toyota has been producing steadily its brand over the years and has proved itself as one of the top sellers on the market. What is the characteristics of Toyota cars is reliability and good performance which is enough for any average person to choose this type opposed to the others. With a recent addition to its fleet Toyota has managed to release a new model of its Starlet line. The Toyota Starlet will perform better and include an entirely new system which will enable better road performance and fuel efficiency. The car gets an entirely new rewamp and will certainly bread new life into this line and rumors are that a new engine is installed as well. with the enhanced characteristics of the vehicle it proves that we are in for a much better verison of the Starlet line than the last season.

Toyota Starlet side

Toyota Starlet Exterior

The highest style changes have been made on the outside of the car. The exterior design has been completely revisited and we are experiencing a totally new car, one which is better for the future of this line. The 2015 Toyota Starlet now includes a new bumper which adds a bit more of a serious tone to the car which many thought the Starlet lacked. The new inclusion also features new LED headlights with a curved design also result in a cool new look. The remodeled exterior was one of the prime steps taken in upgrading the Starlet. With its upgraded new look the car is sure to bring more attention to it, being much more appealing to the eye will make the driver and the people who see it on the road feeling better.

Toyota Starlet


As for the interior design of the 2015 Toyota Starlet is concerned new features and a modern new input was included. Firstly, the Starlet will include more space and comfier seats. The remodeling of the inside aims to bring the passengers and its driver a much better experience. Now pleasure while driving won’t be an issue as the vehicle’s inside is modeled to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the any type of a trip. Additionally, the makers of the 2015 Toyota Starlet did not stop there. With the addition of numerous technological upgrades the car ventures into a new era of modern cars. Technology is now a vital point of a car’s design and realizing this the car has been upgraded to the extreme to bring you very useful upgrades and inclusions. The result of this is immediately seen as now you will be able to enjoy a very comfortable ride and apps which will bring a much needed injection to your drive on the road.


The greatest mystery, although, have been the engine specifications about the 2015 Toyota Starlet. There have been no exact news about the engine which the new Starlet is going to use as it seems that Toyota is still managing to keep this a secret. The latest news are that it is going to be a hybrid and that it is going to use a new engine opposed to the old model. The aim here is to enhance fuel economy and build up on speed as well. Expect to see an engine which will be able to produce enough power to overcome even the steepest terrain while saving up on fuel that wasn’t the case in the past. Also the inclusion of a much powerful battery is mentioned which will be able to hold for a ride of 100.000 kilometers easily.


The greatly upgraded version of the Toyota Starlet is expected to hit the stands during the last months of 2015. We are certainly looking forward on seeing a car which promises a lot and perhaps one that can be a star for the upcoming season. The price is for now speculated at $13.000 and $15.500.



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Robert • October 21, 2014

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