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2015 Toyota C-HR

2015 Toyota C-HR Concept

One of the feature surprises of the Paris Motor Show has certainly been the 2015 Toyota C-HR concept. It is actually a crossover car which not many people have expected to appear. Leaning toward a more green production line, Toyota has decided to go with a crossover hybrid which will certainly bring many fans of the hybrid to shop this year. On the unveiled the first thing which comes to one’s attention is the design of the car. A truly out of this earth design, as some described it, is a concept car for the future of Toyota. The so called diamond architecture design has stunned most of the people and made for a jaw dropping experience when seeing it. Some people agree that if the design of the model goes as good as the design of the concept has, Toyota will certainly lean toward developing more cars which are based on a similar design and direct their concepts in that direction. All in all, a truly magnificent start for the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept which is also fun to drive and equally pleasurable to enjoy.

2015 Toyota C-HR side

2015 Toyota C-HR Concept Exterior

As we already said, the exterior design of the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept is its biggest asset. The new diamond architecture design looks great and gives the C-HR Concept a very aggressive look, one which should not be taken lightly on the road. The entirely new platform gives absolutely new measurements for the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept, so the car is now 171.3 inches long while being 72.8 inches wide.

2015 Toyota C-HR right side

These measurements agree that this car is one of the larger ones from its crossover pears, but what is even more amazing is that the height of the car is just 59 inches. This gives the 2015 C-HR concept a low center of gravity which enables better handling which is more secure on the road and an overall sports look giving the car more than enough attitude.

2015 Toyota C-HR concept


The three door 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept does not just stop at its exterior design, as the inside of the car has been designed up to a T. A sporty look to follow a sporty car is present inside and out. Very comfy cushioned seats will enable that the high-speed ride you are certain to try out will be comfortable for the passenger and the driver as well. Although the specs and the exterior design has shadowed the inside part of the car as everybody is talking about its cool new look, the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept has much to offer inside of it as it has on the outside.

2015 Toyota C-HR front grill


We all agree that what’s under the hood of the car is perhaps the most important part, and the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept has something to show for it. Falling in the category of Sedan cars the 2015 C-HR packs a 1-42.5 liters type engine. The power capacity of the engine is actually pretty amazing reaching 178 hp @ 6000 rpm or 133 KW, with the torque 170 lb.ft @ 4100 rpm or 230 N.m. The concept car has some truly remarkable specs and the power of the engine is 92.1W/kg, and with the capacity of reaching a top speed of 220 km/h. Something which is also one of the prime characteristic of the car is its fuel efficiency, which actually depends on its use. Approximate fuel consumption within the city drive is estimated on 8.21/100 km, while highway trips make 5.51/100.

2015 Toyota C-HR rear grill


If you are looking for an efficient SUV which will also give you comfort while driving, pleasure while driving it and a head-turning look, the 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept certainly brings you all of this to hope for. The base price for the current concept is estimated at 26.000 dollars. If you ask me, a well off price for a truly magnificent vehicle.



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Robert • October 16, 2014

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