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2005 toyota camry silver

Look back at 2005 Toyota Camry

Looking back at the Toyota Camry models of the past, one cannot forget how well and how useful the 2005 model was, or better to say is. Toyota is a brand which has been selling in America for the better part of the century and has managed to move and sell an abundance of cars here, but no one vehicle has reached the price that the Toyota Camry did. With magnificent craftsmanship, regular power output, some appropriate on board technology and comfiness, the Camry was car that many Americans choose to go with. It had its contention in the present Honda vehicles, but they were not great contenders as the Camry eve was. It toppled the competition and is still holds great value even if you get a used version. One of the best models ever to be produced from the line is the 2005 Toyota Camry vehicle.
 2005 toyota camry
The 2005 Toyota Camry had some pretty decent specs to it and it managed to outsell the competition mainly due to the inclusion of its repetitive quality which cannot be denied. Its greatest advantage is that it is a perfect transportation vehicle which will never let you down. With the use of some perfectly placed suspension system, the 2005 Toyota Camry provides a decent ride wherever you decide to go and in various weather conditions. The interior has been made to be ergonomically excellent, having a lot of interior roominess and modern controls which appeal both the driver and the passengers during inside the car.
2015 toyota camry interior
For the 2005 model year there were a few additions that the car came standard with from then. Thus the 2005 Toyota Camry was able to use some new features that enabled its already decent driving specs to become even higher. It added anti-lock brakes  as standard to every trim, a new five-speed automatic transmission which accounted for some sophisticated shifting and driving, Electronic Vehicle Stability Control which enhanced the safety of the passengers and people inside and at the same time added a new entry level Camry sedan that enabled a drop in the price of $1,000.  It was great purchasing a 2005 Toyota Camry back then as the excitement of a new car with completely new features is hard to describe.
The year of 2005 also marked the addition of a Camry Solara trim that offered a coupe and a convertible offer for the buyers. The two-door Solara vehicle was built on the same platform that the 2005 Toyota Camry was built and included the same driving characteristics but offered the fans an additional optional choice to choose.
2005 toyota camry rear
As the exterior implied a sportier lifestyle that the 2005 Toyota Camry came with, the inside actually enabled a lot more room than before with a standard set of gadgets and on board entertainment than before. It was offered in three trim versions, so besides the base which was already an excellent choice you could get a LE, SE or a XLE trim.
The 2005 Toyota Camry came with a base 160-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder base engine that came as a standard option inside the base trim and the LE and SE ones A  five-speed manual transmission came as a standard option while newly offered was the five-speed automatic transmission as an optional choice. The LE trims were packed with a 210-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 engine  while the SE trim came available with a standard 3.3-liter V6 rated at 225 horsepower engine and combined with a the five-speed automatic. The highest trim level, the XLE was introduced with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder or the 3.0-liter V6 engine choices which were available with an automatic transmission only.
Today the value of the 2005 Toyota Camry cannot be denied. It is a vehicle that is still something that is valued on the market and a vehicle that holds its market value still. Its resale was not expected to be so high but the 2005 Toyota Camry is still sought for even as a used vehicle. Many people claim that getting this particularly model has given them the opportunity to drive a vehicle that they love. Even some which have never tried a Camry before decided to choose a 2005 used option and were exasperated with joy how well the vehicle performed. You may expect the usual mishaps that can happen with any car of course. But the bottom line is that the 2005 Camry holds its value even 10 years after its initial release. One of the best things that also helps with this car is that it is easy to find the parts if you happen to need them as they are highly available.
 So when looking back to the vehicle that turned America by storm you should consider the 2005 option as your prime choice. It was a revolutionary make when it was released and it still proves to hold the characteristics it once possessed and it was known for.
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