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2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma News and Release Date

The wait is over. The new 2016 Toyota Tacoma is finally here. The long awaited design which has not been changed from 2005 has finally been given a new look. The mid-size truck which has been highly reliable to all of its drivers and fans has long been unchanged, with only minor alterations. And as everyone has been teased with the arrival of the new design for years the stories can finally be proven with facts.

For quite some time there have been spy photos released and teaser materials about the production of this car. the news have been confirmed with the arrival of the truck and its official unveiling at the Detroit Motor Show. According to this blog post The Toyota Tacoma gives its fans what they have actually hoping for to see from the new car and the anticipation until its production release date cannot be matched. Take a look at some of the particularities about the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma vehicle.

2016 Toyota Tacoma side

2016 Toyota Tacoma Exterior

The long awaited news about the redesign of the Toyota Tacoma are confirmed and the best stylistic changes can be seen on the very surface of the vehicle. The car now sports a much modern and healthier look and is a car which will attract many future fans, opposed to sticking to the old and traditional one.

As some of you may have seen via the spay photos, the Tacoma will include hexagonal grille with chrome outlines, which connects further down to the fog lights. The front fender is a bit boxier than the previous model while the fog lights also include a new design which suggests a squinty look to it. All of the changes can be sum up to a more aggressive and sportier look of the vehicle. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will certainly introduce a new flare to this brand with this model, which will be liked by not just true fans but other truck enthusiasts as well.

2016 Toyota Tacoma front side


What is in stored for the inside of the Tacoma vehicle is a lot more space. The inside of the car looks a feels a lot roomier. The dimension of the car have been changed which immediately resulted in some extra comfort for the passengers of the vehicle. There is more space at the back with a lot of leg space for the people driving at the back. Also the driver can feel at ease while driving as he or she do not have to feel cramped up.

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

The design has also been changed and new comfortable seats have been inserted. Comfort is perhaps what the makers of the Tacoma have been aiming and have certainly done a good job. The vehicle seems much better and feels better as well for the people driving inside of it.

2016 Toyota Tacoma rear


The engine design for the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma features a V6 engine with 4-cylinders. This specific engine was used so as to produce better than the 21/25 mpg mark. This engine will certainly produce more speed due to more horsepower and torque, but the official numbers have not been announced yet. The car is rumored actually to go well beyond the 200 hp mark so as to keep up with other truck from its line.

2016 Toyota Tacoma engine

Release Date and Price

The release date has been set sometimes after the September of this year. After that you will be able to find your new Toyota Tacoma and purchase it as it will be in the production line. The price on the other hand is still not fixed yet. But, according to the estimations, expect it to be somewhere between $22,000 and $25,000.



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Robert • December 24, 2014

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