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2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai Specs and Price

The future is now. That is all we have to say when starting to talk about the new product which comes out of Toyota. The car named 2016 Toyota Mirai is the new hydrogen powered vehicle which comes out of the production line of the Japanese car maker. Interestingly enough, the vehicle’s name, Mirai, means “future” in Japanese, and that is what the car brings to the table.

This is a vehicle which is making a step closer to the green and environmentally safe future. This technology has been in the making for the last 20 years or so and it is now when the developers in Toyota managed to figure out all the chinks and come up with a Toyota Mirai vehicle. The technology allows you to fuel your car the same way as a regular gasoline powered car, but the downfall for now is that there are not many stations for refueling built yet.

2016 Toyota Mirai side

But the future is not as bleak for this type of vehicles as deals are already made and the production of hydrogen refueling facilities or stations is in the making. Alone in the US there are going to be produced at least 20 of them, and get this, the refueling of these vehicles is going to be free for the time being until the taxation laws are figured out. For now, each person who buys a 2016 Toyota Mirai will get its canisters fueled free. As for the future, we will have to wait and see how that will go.

2016 Toyota Mirai grill

2016 Toyota Mirai Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Mirai outside look is one of the current upsets for this car. The current design is perhaps unappealing to the general public for now. The designers have wanted to give the car futuristic look which will enable you to just looking at it know that the car is out of its time.

2016 Toyota Mirai front side

Perhaps they have done a more than a good job as the design of the 2016 Toyota Mirai looks as a vehicle from the futuristic movies. The only thing missing is for it to fly up in the air. The front view of the car includes an interesting new grille with two circular shaped holes around it. The car gets a modern look but perhaps a look with has come faster than it should. Yes the vehicle’s name translates as the future and yes the vehicle uses futuristic, green and safe technology, but the look is a bit too much for now. So the designer might have to think about that when designing future models.

2016 Toyota Mirai wheel


On the other hand, the inside of this car is a bit toned down. The 2016 Toyota Mirai interior also includes a more out-of-this world look but with less futuristic additions. The design is modern yet classy. The seats have been designed in a manner that they look as if they are out of a spaceship though, but the stellar design makes this fact unnoticeable. It blends perfectly with the overall inside of the Mirai.

2016 Toyota Mirai steering wheel

The dashboard has a retro-futuristic appeal to it. is is greatly designed and pretty accessible from the driver perspective. The design actually reminds us of a mixture of a Prius and a Lexus IS vehicle. Nevertheless, all parts of this vehicle are made with great precision and care and are made to fit in perfectly with the technology and the idea about this car.

2016 Toyota Mirai inside

One thing that we also need to mention is the level of comfort which this vehicle proposes. The seats are very comfortable and there is enough space at the back as well, so all passengers might feel comfortable during a ride.

2016 Toyota Mirai interior


Being powered by the new hydrogen technology, the car still has some great engine specs. It actually performs really great on the road. Although you actually get a feeling as driving a Prius vehicle, the car still has a great feel to it.

2016 Toyota Mirai engine

The center of gravity for this vehicle is in the middle of it because of the hydrogen technology pieces and tanks placed just beneath the driving seat. The low center of gravity actually enables the car to perform a lot better on the road that you might think.

The electric engine of the 2016 Toyota Mirai will make the car achieve 153 horsepower and a speed acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in exactly 9 seconds time.

2016 Toyota Mirai system


The vehicle will first be available in Japan, mainly because there are a lot of facilities already structured there for the refueling of the 2016 Toyota Mirai.

The car will then make his debut in the US and it is expected to do so at the end of 2015. At this time there will be enough fueling facilities produced to enable you enjoy driving around in this vehicle.

2016 Toyota Mirai cargo space

The cost at the end comes down to $57,500, for now, but may fall down to $45,000 with federal incentives.



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Robert • December 19, 2014

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