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2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight main

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight

After its release date the 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight has been attracting much attention from fans all over the world. The vehicle has been redesigned and remodeled in a spectacular fashion and has been ultimately made to be more cost effective and fuel efficient. It actually slashes the price of the newest GT86 compared with the previous one for at least 2.000 pounds which is more than enough to make you want it.

We have provided the pictures of the new 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight for you to see and examine it a bit and we shall review it in detail below. The thing that you need to know that the car now features, as you can see, a completely new design that before. Not only that, but the engine has been changed as well. The lightweight materials that have been used in the production of the car also enhance its speed, fuel efficiency characteristics, aerodynamics and all in all make it a much convenient and faster car, and all for a lower price than before.

But there always needs to be a downfall. The car is an exclusive British model, which means that the fans in Britain will get to order it and drive it first. There are still no news on when of whether if it will appear in the US or other parts of the world. For now we shall envy the people on the island and wait for a bit longer to see if Toyota decides to release this car for other markets.

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight rear

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight Exterior

The 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight exterior design can only be described as being sexy and elegant. As we already mentioned the new design is something that will attract audiences the most of this car as some radical changes have been made opposed to the last year’s model. The thing that perhaps impresses the most is its extensive fascia which is the first thing that is noticeable.

The car has a long bonnet and but a short tail. The front grille has been changed and adapted to the new look of the car, making it both interesting and aggressive than before. At the rear, a car splitter has been added with a dual exhaust pipes protruding bellow. The car is very appealing from front to behind and top to bottom as well. The light and aerodynamic design also make the car speed up and drive better, enhancing the stability and maneuvering of the car by far than before.

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight front grill

The car is overall built out of much lighter materials which enable the many features and enhancements that the GT86 now offers. The mainly carbon fiber exterior is very suitable for the numerous properties that the car offers. The overall weight of the car is mainly distributed to the rear, as the front only bears 47% of the total weight. This unique weight distribution enables stability and balance for the car that was more than needed from the previous vehicle.

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight side


The interior of the new 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight goes well of with the exterior. It bears a similar design which continues the sporty car look inside as was given to the outside. The car is elegant and comfortable in so many ways and offers a number of amenities and additional features that you would have expected. The technological additions are immense and the safety features are also very good as well.

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight interior

The comfortable seats and materials are just the beginning of the inside perks. There is also a lot of space, actually more than you would have expected it to be and it is particularly enhanced in the front which more than helps drivers who are taking long drives or are on the road a lot. Aluminum pedals, the Toyota’s touchscreen infotainment system, air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity are just some of the features and tech upgrades that the car has been given.

The safety has not been overlooked this time and the car has been endowed with many additions which will help you at great speeds or plainly make your drive a lot safer. The included seven airbags are just a start, the car also has a stability control system and a fixed limited slip differential system, which enables a better grip to the road in sharp corners.

Jed Leceister Audi Q3 White blue


Under the hood of the newest 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight we find a 2.0l 4 cylinder engine which can generate up to 200 hp and a total torque of 151 lb-ft. The combination of this newest engine and the 8 speed automatic gearbox system for the rear wheel drive enables this car to reach great speeds, perform fabulous acceleration and all that at a very economical fuel efficient way. The newest engine was necessary as the car now has a better exhaust system and an overall enhanced air intake capabilities.

2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight engine

Release date and price

The release date of the 2016 Toyota GT86 Lightweight was scheduled for the Tokyo show while the price actually varies depending on the model. We do know that the starting price is going to be $25,000, but it may vary when it comes to including some additional features or add-ons that the car may include.



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Robert • April 18, 2015

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