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2016 Toyota Yaris DUB front side

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB

Introduced at the last year’s SEMA Auto Show is the newest 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition. The Yaris is actually the smallest vehicle Toyota’s US lineup. But this is perhaps the thing that attracted the people from DUB magazine to use this car and give it a complete aftermarket makeover. The pictures of the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition speak louder than words.

What DUB immediately done for the small Yaris vehicle is make it look meaner and more aggressive than before. A dramatic makeover which the people from DUB did for the vehicle have certainly done wonders for it. The current specifications speak for themselves and the complete makeover of the interior and the redesign of the exterior for the 2016 Yaris have made it one of the favorites at the SEMA show.

Before, the 2016 Toyota Yaris might have been regarded as the little-car-that-could while now after its makeover it will be labeled as the little-car-that-should or actually will. The infused confidence which DUB has enabled to this car have enhanced its specifications, performance and looks, and as see in the photos, it is one of the most inserting new designs that DUB has published recently.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB side

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition Exterior

The exterior of the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition has been enhanced in so many ways. What was the initial plan of DUB to make the small car meaner looking has been more than achieved. The car now looks like a lovable pug with an attitude and all of its enhancements add to its unique new style.

To start with the new body kit. The basis of the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition’s new look is the body kit which was provided by Custom TS Designs. They actually made a pretty decent design for the new DUB Edition vehicle and with the added tinted windows and smoked rear taillights it added an overall stealthy new look for the Yaris that was just breath taking.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB rear

As was apparently the trend at the SEMA show, many cars came out with a two-tone color scheme. So was the case with the 2016 Toyota Yaris for which DUB chose the combination between matte-pearl white, which was given to the body of the car, and a gloss-black paint, for the rear section of the car. The new body kit and the perfectly chosen color for the car make a perfect symbiotic for one of the greatest designs on the SEMA show.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB rear side


At each SEMA showcase the greatest fun perhaps lye on the inside of the vehicles, and so is the case with the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition. DUB has focused on making a sports-car environment on the inside and also added some styling features that go hand in hand with the outside aggressive look. Also the inevitable boom box which was added enhances the vehicle’s entertainment potential.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB inside

The inside includes some very interesting styling assets. The Sparco racing seats were added for the inside and a special custom pearl-white roll bar. The thing that matches the aggressive styling the most is actually the black, ultra-suede headliner and the additional red accents which conclude the model’s new look. All of this brings or rather concludes the amazing transformation that the vehicle has gone through.

In the trunk you will find the goodies we were looking for. The all new and modern audio system hides inside and is the crown jewel of DUB’s redesign. It consists of three amplifiers and two subwoofers with the addition of two massive speakers. It is enclosed inside a fiberglass setting with leather and painted accents.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB cargo space

Engine of 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB

The aesthetic upgrades were all that the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition has received which means that the engine actually stays the same. The specifications of the engine were not to be tampered with this time although the car with this kind of look could certainly use a tweak under the hood a bit. The car will still include its old 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder that enables 106 horsepower and 103 pound-feet of torque. With the addition of the five-speed manual transmission it completes the drivetrain of the car.

As there was no tampering with the engine there were some other details that were changed. For instance the suspension system has been dropped to the height of 20-inches and the wheels have been changed as well. The DS643 gloss-black concave wheels are now riding on Nitto Invo tires. The break kit includes a StopTech rotors system and TRD Big Brakes.

2016 Toyota Yaris DUB engine


There is no exact information available about the cost of the 2016 Toyota Yaris DUB Edition vehicle. The price still remains much of a mystery to us. We can only guess and estimate if we take the base price of the Yaris vehicle and include the price of the added features to the car. The $14,845, so we assume that the price of the Toyota Yaris DUB could be $40,000.



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Robert • April 18, 2015

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