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2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe

2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Review

The 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept is a vehicle which has been particularly produced and aimed by and for younger audience. The car is a manufacturing result of the Australian developing department of Toyota which incorporated younger people and consulted various poles which were made in a substantially younger target audience. The result was this modern new vehicle with a very interesting hip new look and great features and performances. The concept vehicle promises extraordinary fuel consumption making it one of the most fuel effective cars on the market currently. Additionally, the vehicle promises great technological upgrades which makes this car substantially superior compared to other cars in its class. The many features and gadgets which have been added to the car do not just make the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept fun to drive, they also make it safe, as many of the additions are installed to revise the cars safety on the road.

2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe front

2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept Exterior

The design of the outside of the car is mainly based on the Camry models. The 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept is built to attract a younger crowd and it certainly does that. Its makers have really given their best to produce a car with a fresh new look and an attractive exterior. The car seems sporty and fresh making it an ideal vehicle which will enable to go fast and produce great speed and looking good at the same time. Glass panels have been added to the car with the addition of dihedral door parts which make this car even more attractive. It is no issue that the look alone will attract many people and most of them will go nuts for the great design this vehicle exhibits.

2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe front side


What is particularly attractive and interesting for the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept is its interior and the features which have been added to bolster its performance. Firstly, a great look and prime interior design will make your head spin as the designers have certainly given their best to make the inside of the car both appealing to the eye and comfortable as well. Comfort is one of the main issues as it does not matter if it looks good and will not feel good. The concept vehicle offers just enough space with great seating arrangement offering you high levels of comfort. On to the technical upgrades. One of the best features used for this car is the installed configuration speedometer which allows you to control your speed zone. This is a feature that adds to both the safety and driving feel of the car, as it will enable you a more stable ride at higher speeds. Now the fun parts, the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept will introduce modern entertainment systems which are paramount for the target audiences they are aiming for. Many upgrades will keep you entertained during long rides or simply cruising.

2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe front grill


Since this is a concept still, we have only been getting certain rumors about the engine specs. But we are fairly certain that the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept car will include a 2.4-l turbocharged engine with a 5-speed automatic transmission system. The engines power is estimated at 240 horsepower able to produce 225 lb-ft of torque. When we add special cooling systems to this concept we get a really reliable engine estimation. Along with the new fuel consumption technology which will enable the car to save up to 20 % more on fuel the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept will be one of the more popular cars of the year.

2015 Toyota Sportivo CoupePrice

The car is being expected to get its official launch come next year in March. The 2015 will certainly be painted in the bright colors of the 2015 Toyota Sportivo Coupe Concept and people who want to own it will have to spend somewhere between $ 70,000 to $ 75,000, as it is the current estimated price.



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Robert • November 15, 2014

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