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2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 Review

When the Toyota GT 86 came out it was regarded as a much needed change for the GT line of the Toyota brand. But all of the hype and expectations soon came splashing down after its unveiling. The car did not manage to achieve the half of its expectations and was sidelined by many. Especially in the States was where the popularity if the vehicle plundered down.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60

The first attempt to upgrade the GT line was by releasing the GT 86 Griffon, but that did not work either. But now we are in for a tuned up version of the new GT which is finally going to perform as the previous cars have been expected to do. The upcoming 2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 come to you from Japan, perhaps the tuner capital of the world, with an enhanced version of the GT line. This is going to be a limited edition vehicle though, with only 100 of this babies made and all for the Japanese market. What’s good about this is that the GT has never looked better.

The 2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 takes everything to the max, well apart from the performance part of the vehicle which has been kept more or less the same. But the sad part is that the people form Japan are the only ones who will get to enjoy this brand new Toyota GT model.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 Exterior

The 2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 is much lighter than its predecessor. It is owed to a mainly carbon fiber exterior and other lighter materials. The car can swoop through the air and perform faster. The aerodynamic surface also provides better handling and performance and adds a few numbers to your speedometer. There are not many ways to make a car go faster and by keeping the changes of the specs to a minimum the only thing was to make the design of the car more aerodynamic and lighter.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 front grill

The design is not as flamboyant as the Griffon, but that just boasts well for the 14R60 model as it possesses enhanced performance feats and improved function. The changes on the outside of the vehicle include revised side skirts and a new front bumper, with the addition of the extended fender flares. A lighter roof panel has been added and at the back you will be experiencing a new carbon fiber rear wing and revised rear diffuser. The outside is concluded with the addition of some 18-inch forged magnesium alloy wheels.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 rear side


The inside of the 2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 continues on with the carbon fiber theme. A sportier look is what characterizes the inside of the vehicle and the beginning of it all is the new sports steering wheel with the added Alcantara lining on it. The racer bucket seats are also very light and add to the better performance of the vehicle but besides having a useful function they also likewise look good.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 seats

To break the dreary inside of the vehicle, which is mainly grey and black, there are some orange stitching and engravings added to lighten up the mood a bit. We conclude our venture of the inside of the vehicle with special floor mats which have been added to the vehicle and the addition of TRD-branded sill plates as well.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 door


Perhaps the only thing that has been kept the unchanged the same as in the previous model is the engine of the car. The car will keep its 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine with the performance of 200 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 cargo space

Although the car keeps the same engine the performance is somewhat upgraded by the lighter built of the vehicle. But the makers of this vehicle have not been entirely lazy. Actually not lazy at all as they added some, although minor, changes to the engine of the 2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60. The engine includes new high-flow air filters, an optimized air intake and an auxiliary oil cooler and finished by adding a new center-mounted dual exhaust system.

2014 Toyota GT 86 14R60 engine


This is perhaps the tricky part for this vehicle. Let alone that the car is only going to be released for the Japanese market, the price for this car is almost double compared to the Griffon model. But this is a limited edition car so a price of $60,000 is what it says on the price tag. Only a 100 vehicles are going to be made, so perhaps the price is justified this fact.



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Robert • November 22, 2014

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