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2015 Toyota FT-1

2015 Toyota FT-1 Concept and Release Date

The long awaited 2015 Toyota FT-1 concept has finally arrived and it was showcased in Detroit on its annual car show this year. The initial experience is that the good people of Toyota have really made an effort and come up one step forward and really made a very modern and new vehicle, opposed to the old model. People agree that the new 2015 Toyota FT-1 will really make an impact and pools agree with the recently seen concept car. Although not all of the specification have been revealed or determined and we still need some additional info to make a clearer picture, we actually have enough to go on in order to conclude that this would be one of the more popular cars in the forthcoming year.

2015 FT-1 Engine

As for the information about the engine, the makers of the 2015 Toyota FT-1 concept have decided to keep us a bit more in the dark. The performance of the engine and the details about it have not yet been released and we shall have to wait for the actual car to come out so we can get an accurate look. For those of you who can’t wait that long and wish to get glimpse of what the performance of the engine may look like, we suggest checking out the new Gran Turismo 6 video game where the Toyota FT-1 will be included as a playable, or rather drivable, car. Although the performance of a video game cannot be measured with real life abilities of the car, you will be able to get a small glimpse of what the 2015 Toyota FT-1 may perform like.

2015 Toyota FT-1 engine

2015 Toyota FT-1 Concept Exterior

Right from the get go we can see that the Toyota FT-1 concept is designed based on the Lexus LF-LC 2007 and 2012 models. The design of the car is truly creative and as a part of the brand new generations of vehicles, the car promises to impose global interest and by achieving remarkable efficiency. The design truly keeps up with the traditional sports car image which the FT-1 holds, and by keeping the profile of the car long and low and with the addition of a low nose of the car which leads into the extended hood, it really is a sight for sore eyes and those of Toyota fans. The thing that gives the 2015 Toyota FT-1 its traditional sports car look are the powerful rear haunches given to the vehicle in order to make it more appealing and give race car fans something to sigh for.

2015 Toyota FT-1 front

2015 Toyota FT-1 Interior

The interior design is truly remarkable. The makers of the FT-1 concept decided that their drivers should feel comfortable and relaxed while driving this car and aimed at making a suitable interior design which will help you feel like you are in the midst of your own home. This is more than achieved just by looking at the inside of the car and the cockpit area. There is enough room from the seat to the control panel in order to enable you to maneuver freely and drive peacefully while at the same time being free to operate the control panel as well. It also keeps to the sports car look as the inside of the car is shaped and colored with the attitude of the car, making you feel the same way the car performs.

2015 Toyota FT-1 interior

Price and Release Date

According to the information gathered from this year’s Detroit car show, the release date for the FT-1 is scheduled for the middle of 2015, and as for the pricing of the car is concerned no information are available yet. Some of you will have to wait a while when the actual price is released.

2015 Toyota FT-1 steering wheel



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Robert • June 11, 2014

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