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2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV Price

We have come to the newest Toyota Sequoia SUV, 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV model. Many of you have thought that the last would cease to exist in 2012, but the expectations were not as we had anticipated. Many people agree that this is a step forward opposed to the last year model while many say that its basically the same car with a different year on it, well those people are completely getting it wrong. The thing is that, although the new 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV has kept some of the features of the old model, there are a lot of innovations in terms of comfort and the space for the passengers. This is basically a traditional full-size SUV trimmed with some more modern innovations to the matter and a car which packs a lot of space for up to 8 people to enjoy.

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV Exterior

The first thing that pops in your head when glancing at the 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV is the word masculine. It really packs an imposing look and its brawny disposition will make you seem as a monster on the rad. The design of the vehicle is actually based in the Tundra pickup, giving it a traditional look to it. Because of these key components to its exterior look, the SUV manages to perform better in off-road circumstances and has better towing capabilities as well. Not that you will do a lot of off-road driving in an SUV, but it is great to know that you can if need be.

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV side

2014 Toyota Sequoia Interior

Venturing inside the interior part of the 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV you will be amazed with the affluent space which the vehicle has. Owing to its massive exterior, the interior of the car is a way for the whole family to find a comfortable seat and head out on a holiday. The basic function of an SUV is actually to provide a lot of space and the 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV certainly does so as this eight-seater gives you the newest and improved interior design which is perhaps its greatest asset.

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV interior

Great maneuverability in terms of seating arrangement is what characterizes this car. Maybe the only flaw of the interior design is the placement of the audio controls which is a bit unreachable and may put you off while driving. Although not giving you a glamorous and luxurious look, the interior is quite useful for a SUV of this kind and additionally it also packs a lot of cargo space as well, giving you a perfect car for holiday trips.

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV rear seats

Toyota Sequoia Engine

The engine is built to provide the users with a smooth and comfortable drive packed into a car with great power and towing capabilities. Owing to the power of a 6 automatic speed, 8 cylinder engine with both rear wheel drive, the 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV has an engine which can withstand great durability and will allow you to perform some off-road driving as well. With a whapping 381 hp and a fuel economy of 13 to 17 mpg, new Toyota Sequoia promises to get you and your family anywhere that you may be going. Owing to the engine with an absolute power punch, the SUV will manage to tow each load you may be carrying with you for your vacation or any kind of a trip, since its strength and power is perhaps its main feature when we are talking about the engine.

2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV engine

Sequoia SUV Price

If you want to enjoy the great capabilities that the new 2014 Toyota Sequoia SUV has to offer and really make an impact on your family trips or all other ones, you should really consider acquiring this car. The luxury that you will have to pay is between $40.000 and $44.000. It is price for this vehicle.




Robert • June 12, 2014

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