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2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Specs and Price

Debuting back in 2000 and gaining its popularity in 2004, the new 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid model promises to preserve the Toyota Prius image of a green car and a safe one for the environment. The Toyota Prius is perhaps the crown jewel of Toyota’s hybrid cars and perhaps represents one of the safest, reliable and certainly one of the more cost-effective cars on Toyota’s roster. Endowed with low fuel consumption which accounts for its low emissions which do not threaten the environment, the 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid allows you to enjoy a very comfortable and a smooth ride as well.

Here is an Interesting Video About Prius Hybrid

Besides the standard motor design which lives up to Toyota’s name, the exterior designed has suffered a few positive innovations, resulting in an even better ride and handling.

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid front light

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Exterior

As of this year, Toyota has decided to change the look of its Prius Hybrid, giving it better handling and more aerodynamics. The greatest change was lowering the nose of the car resulting in low upper air intake. The rear end was not drastically changed and keeps much similarity with the old Toyota Prius mode. But all in all, the changes made, small but yet significant, have shaped the car’s new look. Some even give it a depiction of looking a bit more sinister, which is radical comparison for an environmentally friendly car. Nevertheless, if the look does not put you off, the better handling which will result in a much easier ride will certainly hook you.

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid rear side

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Interior

As for the interior of the 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid is concerned, there are a lot of conveniences added to the old style, making it better in so many ways. Maybe the best changes which many find appealing is the change from the digital LED Display to the old fashioned analog dials, which some find more conventional and also easier to use. You will find that the audio and cruise controls are now conveniently placed in the steering wheel, allowing you to keep a better eye on the road while driving and using them at the same time.

As for the older model, the information panel was placed in the central space, between the passengers, while the 2015 one will feature it being mounted in a more conventional way. additionally, the overall interior spacing allows more movability and is far more comfortable than the old one, giving you a very pleasant vehicle both for you and the environment.

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid inside

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine and Battery

Within the new 2015 Toyota Prius you will be experiencing new smaller and more importantly more powerful electric engines which will power the car. The good people from Toyota have even taken into account for getting through snowy periods by adding the power to the back wheel drive, making it easier for this car to maneuver through snow and in inconvenient circumstances. This is achieved by using batteries with greater energy density and by combining it with a gas engine which has reduced friction with the addition of optimized combustion, it really makes this particular car one which will sweep the market for the upcoming year. The 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid saves up to 8 percent on fuel economy than last year and still manages to keep the high quality of driving comfort as before.

2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid engine

When it comes to the battery replacement it will cost you from $1000 to $6000. Whole hybrid system has the warranty for 100,000 miles or 8 years. Battery life is long and you should not worry about it. Most of Prius owners never have any problems with the battery and don’t have to change it.

Price of Prius

As it is estimated, the 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid is due to make its debut during April of the forthcoming year. The prices, on the other hand, are expected to be somewhere in the midst of the older models and we do not expect a substantial growth in price concerning the newer models when comparing them with the old. An approximate price of $24.000 is a mid-range price for the new model and can be expected also to rise up to $30.000, but not more than that.




Robert • June 10, 2014

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