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2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV front grill

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV Specs and Price

Toyota has announced the newest addition to its product line, the 2015 Toyota Fortuner so we have hurried up to gather relevant information about this latest novelty. As a car which is a market-specific product, which is why perhaps some people won’t recognize this model name right away, it is built on the platform of Toyota Hilux boasting many perks of its older relative.

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV side

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV Exterior

Thanks to the redesigned exterior design, this car model is boasting higher aerodynamic rating and performance than the previous edition which means it can attain higher speeds. Of course, this is not the only thing which has been improved as can be seen from the design of sides, front lights, front fascia and tail lights, which all show a more dynamic and pronounced look. Additionally, there are chrome rearview mirrors with blinkers, construction made of more efficient and lighter materials and also newly redesigned bumpers.

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV


With increased amount of space, plenty of leg room and stylish seat materials 2015 Toyota Fortuner definitely brings many improvements. There are also various functions and technological advancements which add to the comfort of long distance trips, such as iPod, navigation control system, USB port, a modern infotainment system with a touch screen. Most modern safety systems are also included, with traction control, anti-lock braking system and various other perks which will make your travels safer than ever.

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV interior inside

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV interior


For the new 2015 Toyota Fortuner, there are 3 variations when it comes to the engine. A 3.0L 163 HP engine, a 7L engine able to develop 160 HP and a 2.5L which achieves 144 HP. In any case, it is safe to say that all engine preferences will be accommodated with the newest model.

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV engine

Price and Release Date

When it comes to news about the price of this SUV, it is assumed that the prices will vary between $45,000 and $49,000 depending on the trim level, engine options and various other parameters. As for the release date, there haven’t been any official confirmations so it remains for all of us to closely follow the news about it as some are estimating the release date to be in the span of the next couple of months. It still remains to be confirmed or denied and we’ll have to wait for that to happen.



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Robert • October 10, 2014

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