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2015 Toyota Corolla main

2015 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Specs

If you loved the 2014 model be prepared to be swiped off your feet with the 2015 Toyota Corolla. The upcoming model will feature some innovations which have been considered as shortcomings to the last year’s model and you will be essentially getting an upgraded version of an already good car but with all the dents trimmed. One of the most popular sedan cars is due to a comeback this year, and its reliability, great performance and affordable price is what makes it so popular among the people. The changes have been made with the exterior look which gives it a look with more attitude. Also the technology has been upgraded and you should be expecting to get a car with a modern touch to it, something which will most likely attract a lot of the buyers.

2015 Toyota Corolla Engine

The characteristics of the engine will most likely feature a 1.8 L engine with four cylinders, offering you 132 of horse power per 128 pound-feet of torque. The valvematic technology which has bee incorporated in the engine of the 2015 Toyota Corolla model will result in variable valve timing giving you a better fuel economy, 45 to 50 mpg, and more power as well, which can peak at even 140 hp. Besides the great look which we have already mentioned combined with the great performance and the characteristics of the engine will give you a nicer ride, better control and certainly a better experience driving this car.

2015 Toyota Corolla front grill

Release Date and Price

The release date for the 2015 Toyota Corolla model is yet to be reveled and the designers are still keeping it a secret. But to our highest expectations we are predicting that the new model will be available in dealerships all over in just three or four months. The expectations for this model are sky high and Toyota will certainly want to profit out of the hype which this model has made and will certainly not lag in releasing it. The price on the other hand is estimated somewhere around $17.000 for the base model. As for the fully loaded version is concerned you will have to spend somewhere around $23.000 to $24.000 in order to get this baby out for a spin.

2015 Toyota Corolla rear side

2015 Toyota Corolla Exterior

The greatest and, equally, the best changes have been made with the exterior of the car, which give the 2015 Toyota Corolla a more aggressive look for the new age. Although, the last year’s model was praised for its look and promised an image of the Corolla model for a range of years to come, the slight changes which were added are enough to make the most hard core fans scream for this car.

2015 Toyota Corolla exterior

The upright lines and the big mouth grill is what characterizes this model and gives it its edge. The usage of LED low beam headlights with the addition of daytime running lights is something which has been added and will continue on to be a trend for the forthcoming models of the future as well. This will account for Toyota Corolla’s power saving advantages which results in a very affordable option for you of an already pretty reasonably priced car.

2015 Toyota Corolla rear

2015 Toyota Corolla Interior

The interior part has suffered the least amount of changes. The already reliable and already proven dashboard will not be changed drastically. It will give a completely refreshing look of the cockpit of a sporty car and even make the passenger driving shotgun be very conveniently seated and relaxed.

2015 Toyota Corolla steering wheel

Inclusions of the 2015 Toyota Corolla will feature the pushbutton ignition a power moon roof and a very amusing and also very useful voice activated navigation system, which will allow you to concentrate on driving and not on fiddling with the controls all the time.
2015 Toyota Corolla interior



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Robert • June 17, 2014

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