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2015 Toyota Avensis model from 2013

2015 Toyota Avensis Specs and Price

The latest achievement in that field is the announcement of the production of the 2015 Toyota Avensis model.Toyota always strives to innovation, prosperity and mainly making their customers happy. As a truly popular car with a design that dates back to World War II which has been developed by the Germans of that period, the Avensis represent a car with an impeccable design which really deserves a newer model. The thing which the makers strived to achieve is to make it more modern and have also worked out some dents in terms of aerodynamics, giving you a steadier drive with more comfort.

2015 Toyota Avensis Engine

As for the engine is concerned, there are several options. The first one includes a 1.8 liter valvematic engine which allows a more easier and steady drive, with proficient fuel economy provided by the valvematic system. As for the diesel engine option is concerned, there are two, a 2.0 liter or a2.2 liter D-4D engine. The latter option come with a six-gear automatic system and all of 2015 Toyota Avensis makes will include six-speed guide except the 1.8 liter version. All of this specifics are bound to make you want this car and as an already proven contestant, it truly stands to steal the show for the next year.

2015 Toyota Avensis engine-model from 2013

2015 Toyota Avensis Exterior

As we mentioned, the latest additions to the 2015 Toyota Avensis design are related to making it more aerodynamic. As an already great car coming from Germany and one which really does not need that much work to be done on it, the manufacturers have decided that there are still some faults which need tuning. As the car exterior design has not suffer many changes it has remained true to its traditional look but with a contemporary and more modern touch to it.

2015 Toyota Avensis exterior side

As many people have complained about the privacy glass not being included with the old model at the back, the 2015 Toyota Avensis will include that addition. Toyota knows that by making its customers happy is the prime example of leadership and will certainly remain one of the leading manufacturers by complying with the fans wishes.

2015 Toyota Avensis main

2015 Toyota Avensis Interior

The Toyota Avensis already is seen as an impeccable car and there is not much you can add to it and change it, but the thing that is reliable to change is the inside of the car. The interior can be redesigned in many ways and as for the 2015 Toyota Avensis model is concerned the addition if multiple innovative and modern features can certainly make this car better. Keeping in track with time and making this car a contemporary one and making it appealing to the general public which uses these innovative features is what the buyers would like.

2015 Toyota Avensis interior

The 2015 model will feature Alicante seats, making you feel relaxed, comfortable and, foremost, ready to drive. Other inclusions are innovations in technology and specifications, so the model will include a much needed touchscreen display. The surrounding sound system and navigation system are a step into the future for this car and is also something which makes the newer model innovative.

2015 Toyota Avensis inside

Toyota Avensis Price

The release date is yet to be disclosed and there are no available information on when it is going to come out. There are rumors or people certainly hope that they are true but the cars is supposedly scheduled to come out in the later part of next year. The pricing for the car is actually estimated at some £19.000.




Robert • June 16, 2014

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