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2015 Lexus LX

2015 Lexus LX vs 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

2015 Land Cruiser 2015 Lexus LX

Comparing the LX vehicle produced from the Lexus and the Toyota Land Cruiser, we get quite an interesting comparing and a battle of two very appropriate vehicles in the same segment. On one side we have a capable off road vehicle in the form of the Land Cruiser that also comes with a price tag that makes it one of the most luxurious cars in the truck market. Opposite it is the Lexus LX which is its near twin and an arch rival but with more cachet to it.

The 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser is an off road vehicle with great capabilities and a very strong power. The car can go everywhere you want it to go and it can overpass each obstacle. It is an appropriate vehicle for any kind of a terrain and holds a great off-road package in its offer. Being that this is its primary use it does not have a good suburban use, but it is useful, with great hauling capabilities and cargo space. But the thing that people find disturbing about it the most is its price which is off the charts.

On the other hand, the 2015 Lexus LX is itself and big and bulky SUV vehicle as well. The car also has some great off roading abilities and is particularly aimed at providing itself useful in eny kind of a terrain possible. But it does not have a good use in a city ride, the same with the Land Cruiser but it mainly concentrates on the off road one. This time the comfort levels have been enhanced and features the second primary focus of the manufacturer so the car will be comfy to ride in on any kind of a road. But it also has a downside and it is its fuel economy. The car is a big spender and you won’t get to spare too much on fuel with it.



2015 Land Cruiser 2015 Lexus LX

The exterior looks of both the vehicle may be viewed with similar features, yet there is a great difference. Firstly, the exterior look of the Land Cruiser is an imposing one. You cannot miss this car on the road by a long shot. It is big, rugged, enormous and even more so. It is perhaps the biggest car in Toyota’s current lineup, except the Sequoia which cannot be rivaled by anybody. The car is not just huge is it also handsome looking, its great features make it a nice car and not just a beefed up mobile which is pushing everybody around on the roads. It also has some stylistic trends added to its concept which are given to the majority of the contemporary vehicles. Like the LED running headlights and a bigger and bolder grille that matches the complete exterior of the car.

On the other hand, the Lexus LX has a similarly rugged look like the Land Cruiser, but actually in a way as if they are cuisines. They look similarly but are not quite the same as the LX is more of a SUV car than a rugged vehicle. Therefore it does not provide a clean design as you would expect it to be and it is certainly not as rugged as the Land Cruiser. But what it has included for the 2015 is the new spindle grille which every vehicle in the Lexus lineup has gotten and included in its arsenal now. This inclusion is a good addition to many of the Lexus cars but it does not prove to be as useful on this type of design as well. There are too many things going on there and too much sheet metal on the LX so a spindle grille is perhaps too much for it now.



2015 Land Cruiser 2015 Lexus LX

The interior holds many changes and a lot on interesting inclusions for both of the vehicles. The Land Cruiser has a standard Toyota like cabin with chunky upright styling that all of the Toyota trucks now have. The interior looks quite nice and pleasant in fact and has changed for the better. There is an updated look which features leather trimmings on the seats and some glossy wood grain and there is also a brighter metallic frame which surrounds the dashboard panels. Also the Land Cruises has a pretty respectful technological upgrade that any vehicle would be proud to have. From navigation and climate control to the audio features and even the off road controls that have been incorporated, one of the greatest advantages of the Land Cruiser is certainly its tech support.

The Lexus LX tries to provide comfort inside its vehicle. They have managed to enhance the quality and are concentrating on making the feel for the passengers much better by upgrading the interior comfort levels. The LX achieves this by adding high quality and luxurious materials on the seats on the inside. The cabin is also very functional as it has incorporated various technological upgrades as well. It now also has some dark-toned metallic trim and mahogany paneling, twinned with cashmere leather. The instrument panel has been designed to be placed upright and has soft contours, more details and is accented with matte-metallics.



The engines are perhaps the only things that manner when truck with similar kinds of performance like these ones are mentioned. A strong truck is a reliable truck and what the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser has is a reliable strong engine. It uses a 381-horsepower V-8 engine that gives it hauling capabilities of 5700-pound. Combined with its body frame it is the most useful and best utility vehicle there is. It also has great suspension designs that enhance its off road package even more and with the added all-wheel drive there isn’t anything that you can ask from your vehicle more. The powertrain has been designed greatly and powerfully in order to enhance these stats and results with some nice specs.

The 2015 Lexus LX does not fall far behind with its under the hood representative. It packs a 383-hp 5.7-liter V-8 engine and combines with a six-speed automatic transmission system to provide the drivers with a great powertrain performance. Four wheel drive is available here as well which also provides nice hauling capabilities for the car. But what is its greatest downfall is the fuel consumption of the car. The LX needs a lot to drink if it is going t function properly but consequently this makes the car not a good purchase for those who do not mean to spend too much on fuel every month. Its EPA rating for now stands at 12/17 mpg, and since there is no alternative drivetrain available for now, the LX is stuck with consuming too much for the time being.



The price tag is a not a fairly modest one on both the vehicles in front of us. Yet the Toyota Land Cruiser takes the advantage of being the pricier one. This is often taken as its backdrop as the car is priced at a base MSRP rating of 80,155 USD. A big check will be needed to pay of this baby. On the other hand we have the car which comes at a base MSRP of 76,527 USD. The Lexus LX does have a lesser price but its enormous fuel consumption prices may take a toll on its production value at the end.



2015 Lexus LX vs 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

VAforToyota • October 2, 2015

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