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Best Small Toyota Cars

In the makings of Toyota there have been a number of models that are both reliable and good with their performance. Toyota has a long history of producing both sports cars and luxury cars, performance cars but family cars and also SUVs but big truck as well. But what about the little guys? Everybody seems to forte the small compact and subcompact cars that mostly fly under the radar for some people and they actually go unnoticed. Toyota actually has a long list of names of small cars that work well in large urban areas and perform well in European cities with congested traffic. So for all the fans of the smaller vehicles that Toyota has produced over the years, here is a list of the best small Toyota cars.

Corolla: On the Top of the Best Small Toyota Cars list

What better way to start the Best Small Toyota Cars list than to introduce the car which performance and reliability is legendary among the compact and subcompact car circles. The Corolla vehicle has been for many years the top tear car in its segment and its small size with the added roominess inside is the perfect combination of the two. The car has pretty good dimensions that make it a good vehicle when getting through congested city traffic. Well you don’t have to fight off traffic only with this car, you can use it for many other useful traits when it comes to using it as a commuter vehicle. Its roominess on the inside make it very comfortable and useful when carrying a group of people with you, who will not feel stifled like in other small cars that are available on the market. Maybe the newest vehicle lacks performance that the older ones had, but nevertheless it performs its primary duty quite effectively and with pride.

Toyota corolla best small toyota cars


What makes the Prius as one of the best small cars produced by Toyota is of course its fuel economy. Perhaps the car has not a lot of things going on for it, it provides a lack lustered performance and does not have a kick when it comes to acceleration. So why pick this car at all then? Well the thing is that the gas efficiency that this car presents is its main purpose. The car has been produced to enable better fuel rates and it does so with the use of its hybrid engine. Also less CO2 emission is something that is greatly regarded and something that makes the world a better place. We greatly appreciated the efforts that the Prius vehicle can provide for our environment but for our wallets as well and thus completely think that it should be added to any small car list that gets to be comprised.

Toyota Prius Best Small Toyota Cars


Yaris is a very comfortable and useful vehicle in its segment. The characteristics of the Toyota Yaris vehicle are based on its ability to provide great interior comfort and also come with a very solid and good outside look as well. The car does not have the performance rate going for it as there are many vehicles in the same price range that actually perform better than Yaris does, but they do not have the comfort characteristics that the Yaris vehicle brings with it. The interior setup is one thing that the makers in Toyota have fully concentrated on. They managed to squeeze in the most useful and the most appropriate inside elements which resulted in a good setup for any fan of a small car. As performance is not key when small cars is concerned and you really need to feel comfortable when driving around town, the Yaris vehicle will make sure that you do not get stiff while being inside the car and also provide you with a good exterior look that will be appealing to the people that you are driving around. Clearly Yaris is one of the most comfortable vehicles on the best small Toyota cars list.

Toyota Yaris Best Small Toyota Cars

Prius C

Another Prius vehicle makes it on our best small Toyota cars list but this time it is the Prius C model. This car produces some excellent gas mileage numbers and it does so with the combination of its four cylinder gas engine and the electric motor which is a part of its design. The gas mileage of the Prius C comes to some exciting numbers as the estimated EPA rating comes to  53/46 mpg  city and highway drive. If you want to spare your money on gas, this is the car to choose. If you want to protect the environment, then this is certainly one of the best small Toyota cars to choose. But there are some things that do not go in its favor and that are its performance specs and the comfort levels. The car does not have great acceleration features and certainly does not fare well when driving fast is necessary. But this is not its primary function so we can disregard this fact. On the other hand, the comfort levels on the inside need to be tweaked a bit and the car will benefit more with a comfortable inside. But currently its outstanding gas mileage levels makes it a competitor on our list.

Prius C Concept best toyota small cars

Prius Plug-in

Another Toyota’s Hybrid car makes it on the best small Toyota cars list. Of course as it is the case with other Toyota Prius cars, enhanced fuel mileage is confirmed here and remains the prime characteristic of this vehicle. The numbers speak for themselves when we say that the car has an estimated EPA rating of  51/49. This one of the best small Toyota cars also benefits by its driving performance which makes it a prime contented among many in its class. Not only will you able to save a lot of you money, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing and fun ride that the plug-in version can provide. It suffers from the same ailment as its Prius counterparts as it does not have a prime performance like other cars in its segment but the EPA rating along makes it a worth wild contender. The design is also its characteristics that go in its favor as the Plug-in version differentiates itself by having a futuristic design opposed to other vehicles in the small segment class.

Toyota Prius plug in best small cars by Toyota


No actually this car was not created for the Matrix movie franchise, actually it has little to do with the popular sci-fi flicks except sharing the same name. The car was actually produced for the first time in 2003 as a hatchback and shared the style of the Corolla car. Actually it was a hatchback version of the Corolla at first but later came up to be completely independent towards its mother car concept. Yet this car is less known in than its counterpart but actually delivers great performance features. The car was produced to satisfy the needs of a younger crowd and is aimed towards the people who share an active lifestyle. Perfect for those who are constantly on the go and for younger people with a metabolism that works overtime. Well the car was not a success in the US market but was a hit in other ones, Europe and Japan mainly, were the need for this vehicle was greatly in demand. The car makes it on our best small Toyota cars list due to its movability and drivability that satisfies its primary purpose.

Best small toyota cars Matrix


Echo is yet another solid pick on our best small Toyota cars list. What this vehicle provides for the fans are some great interior features. The inside of the car has been modeled after its big brother car, the Corolla vehicle, but the Echo actually provides much more when it comes to comfort levels. It is able to use a 1.5 liter engine that enables it to reach a number of 108 hp, which is not bad but more or less solid for the brand, but puts performance as its secondary feature. The Echo has been designed to satisfy its fans with the comfort levels that it provides on the inside and the featured material and the design of the interior part of the car is stifling. It is also quite a looker on the inside as well. The car did not manage to find its place in the US market as so many other cars in the small car segment but manages to find its place in its home country and other Asian markets as well.

Toyota echo small car


Finally Avgo concludes the best small Toyota cars list. This is the first car that has been admittedly based on a cartoon. Well actually do not expect a flying car or anything of the sorts, but its design is very unorthodox and out of the ordinary. The designer of the car admitted that he loved the cartoon called Astro boy as a child and has based the design of the Aygo car on it. Also the name of the Agyo is a play of words that correspond to “I go” which actually sums up the main characteristics of the vehicle in great detail. You will go with this Toyota product wherever you wish to. Driving around urban city blocks will seem like a dream as this one of the best small Toyota cars provides great maneuverability and is very light on its feet. Also the futuristic design that graces this car only goes in its favor and is something the younger crowds have found more than appealing. The car is a favorite among the European crowd and the announcement of the new model design justifies its popularity and the pursuit of Toyota to push this brand even further.

Toyota avgo small car

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