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2014 Toyota Prado

2014 Toyota Prado Review and Price

The redesigned version of the 2014 Toyota Prado is everything that people expected it to be and is really an upgrade compared with eh previous model. The four wheel drive has been included while the vehicle has been made as a five door vehicle only and exclusively. The 2014 Toyota Prado combines the capabilities of producing a wonderful and comfortable ride in all terrains and conditions with the capability of performing great in every one of those terrains. This is a unique all-terrain vehicle which will allow you to surpass any obstacle without any pressure or stops.

2014 Toyota Prado side

2014 Toyota Prado Exterior

Let’s start from the exterior design of the 2014 Toyota Prado and improvements can almost immediately be noticed. The first inclusion is the huge, some would say oversized, grill added to the front which imposes a toothy and imposing look of the vehicle. Some say that it is a good thing because it gives a powerful truck a powerful look and feel of it. Beside the grill there are also a few updated features, like the trailer-sway control or the redesigned shape of the headlights. The parts which have also gotten their facelift to the better are the front bumper and the tail-lights as well, making the 2014 Toyota Prado a true monster truck vehicle with no setbacks and great attitude. We also need to mention the inclusion of two new exterior colors which widens your array of options as well. The two new incorporated colors for the 2014 model are Liquid Bronze and Dynamic Blue.

2014 Toyota Prado front grill


The inside looks good and it has been designed to provide enough comfort for longer rides. So if you are taking your family on a longer ride with your new 2014 Toyota Prado you will not have to worry about hem feeling stiff or unpleasant. Additionally, the thing which will also attract family people to this car is the new and improved third row or seats. It is now more adjustable, comfortable and provides enough space for all. The dashboard has also been remodeled, and although it does not pose as the best feature of the vehicle it is still a useful addition to the car.

2013 Toyota Prado Kakadu - seven seats

The dashboard cluster is upgraded with new dials, but the general feel goes both ways as there are people who really like it and the ones who find it not that much appealing of attractive. But The inclusion of various gadgets is certainly something to shout about. The key-linked driver’s memory seat and steering wheel for instance is one thing, while the rear entertainment system which includes the roof-mounted monitor and blue-ray player with auxiliary inputs. The vehicle is truly a modern one and all of this features make it a one which people will crave for. Also the iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, mirror-mounted indicators and a multi functioning steering-wheel is something to joy about.

2014 Toyota Prado change gear

Engine of 2014 Toyota Prado

As for the features of the engine they remain the same as with the older model. Why change something when it produces everything ones needs for a powerful car that the 2014 Toyota Prado is. Under the hood you will once again find a 202 kW/381 Nm 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine as before. The engine is powerful enough to get you through every possible weather condition and every piece of terrain you come across with, so you will not find yourself in unwanted territory if you go with this car. But the problem has always been fuel consumption because the car literally eats away fuel and is something people should keep an eye for. The fuel economy of 11.5L/100km is not its best feature but will get you anyway you are trying to go at least.

2013 Toyota Prado Kakadu

Price of Prado

Well as for the pricing is concerned, the people who know what the Toyota Prado represents know what they are buying and know what they are investing in. the cheapest you can go is by purchasing a GX manual five-seater for $55.000. But if you want to go all out and get yourself the entire package you will have to spend a whopping $90.000 for the 2014 Toyota Prado.



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Robert • August 21, 2014

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