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2015 Toyota Celica front grill

2015 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

The 2015 Toyota Celica is one of the crown-diamonds of this company, an established model with constant innovations and improvements in order to keep it up to the par with much more expensive models when it comes to performances and design. Buying a new car is never an easy choice, with so many advancements in technology and design innovations for quite some time. But then again, more and more people opt for buying Toyota cars which are slowly but surely taking an increasing share of the market.

2015 Toyota Celica side

2015 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

While nothing more than the year 2015 is known and confirmed at this moment we can expect this model to make an appearance on the market after one of the bigger motor shows. Luckily, regarding the price, due to some unofficial indications, and because of the emphasis on high delivery, efficiency and elegance there are rumours that the starting price will be about $20,000 for 2015 Toyota Celica.

2015 Toyota Celica open


With a total overhaul of the previous model’s image, Toyota looks to bring even more people to reap the benefits of the new model’s visual identity. Redesigned rear spoiler, brand new design of rear bumpers, rocker with incredible durability, power tilt sunroof, sunshade, integrated fog lamps, keyless entry and power antenna all contribute to futuristically aggressive yet stylish look of the new 2015 Toyota Celica.

2015 Toyota Celica


Along with redesigned interior of the cockpit engineers at Toyota also put a lot of work into the level of safety of this model. Aside from high-tech systems which are installed, there are also additional side airbags, cruise management, navigation, anti-lock system and power windows. Additionally, the powerful eight-speaker sound system will make any long distance trip feel like an adventure.

2015 Toyota Celica interior

2015 Toyota Celica Engine

Drivetrain characteristics and performance are still being kept a secret so we can’t know for sure what kind of miracles this model will be able to do on the road. Still, as Toyota has stated that performance of the previous model will be significantly upgraded, we can expect at least a 4 cylinder engine with more than 800 hp, adorned with an automatic gearbox, variable valve timing motor, 4 wheel drive capability and possibly a DC battery.



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Robert • August 21, 2014

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