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1984 toyota celica supra best toyota cars

Best Toyota Cars Review Presents Models that Excelled

Toyota represents the benchmark of a well ordered, durable and long lasting vehicles. The Toyota brand has managed to grace us with its presence for around 80 years now and has managed to come out with some stellar vehicles during that time. What people know the Toyota cars for is the ability to produce long…

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cars with best resale value in 2017

Cars with Best Resale Value in 2016

Buying a new car is a very important thing, it can go form a very good investment to a very bad one in an instant. There are various things that you need to consider when opting to take in a new vehicle, one of them is its resale value. You certainly wouldn’t want your beloved…

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top 10 luxury cars mercedes benz cla 45 amg

Top 10 Luxury Cars that You can Afford

Would it be great to have a garage filled with high-end luxury vehicles? Of course it would!!! This is a stupid question I am asking. As unfortunately the majority of us are just ordinary people with too exquisite taste, we sure know what’s good but we are not in a position to currently afford it….

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Top 10 most luxurious car list

Luxury cars have always been a status symbol which represented the people on top of the food chain. Not all are able to afford them, but everyone would like to have one. They are not only characterized by looking appropriately and performing to a certain standards, it also measures the level of comfort they bring…

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lamborghini aventador 2015 most expensive luxury cars

Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars

There are reasonably priced cars and there are ludicrously priced ones. There are ones that one day we can hope to afford, but there are ones that only Cristiano Ronaldo is able to afford in its private collection. This time lets concentrate on the later version of car, because let’s face it nobody really cares…

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2017 lexus ls car

2017 Lexus LS Review

There have been a lot of new circulating various sites which stated that Lexus is planning to release a new rear-wheel-drive platform  which is supposed to mark the start for a new generation of high-end coupe vehicles. The announced flagship vehicle is supposed to be the Lexus LS which is going to substitute the SC…

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Top luxury car brands of 2016

Style often means class and being classy is in most cases related to the type of a car you drive. Many vehicles are deemed as being luxury and ostentations when described, many also get a badge or a characteristic by being a luxury vehicle without even deserving it, and yet there are many that pose…

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2015 Lexus LX

2015 Lexus LX vs 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

Comparing the LX vehicle produced from the Lexus and the Toyota Land Cruiser, we get quite an interesting comparing and a battle of two very appropriate vehicles in the same segment. On one side we have a capable off road vehicle in the form of the Land Cruiser that also comes with a price tag…

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best toyota small cars

Best Small Toyota Cars

In the makings of Toyota there have been a number of models that are both reliable and good with their performance. Toyota has a long history of producing both sports cars and luxury cars, performance cars but family cars and also SUVs but big truck as well. But what about the little guys? Everybody seems…

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