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2015 Toyota Hilux main

2015 Toyota Hilux: Concept Redesign

Fans of trucks certainly have a lot to talk about these days, since the new 2015 Toyota Hilux concept is getting a lot of attention. Here are some latest news for Toyota Hilux lovers!The first Hilux model was introduced by Toyota way back in 2005 and there haven’t been any significant changes about which some fuss was reported. It was initially the same truck with mild alterations. But now for this year the 2015 Toyota Hilux promises something what its predecessors couldn’t. The new design will give you a chance to truly enjoy a ride in this vehicle and better handling will allow you to use it in different terrains and get better performance on them. A significant change will also include an increase in the cargo load, making the new Toyota Hilux very useful for its users in USA.

Youtube Video

Here is a very interesting video on Youtube that will give you a better idea on the car’s look:

2015 Toyota Hilux – Price

The release date for the new 2015 Toyota Hilux model is yet to be announced, or at least the precise date. All that we know is that the new Hilux will hit the dealerships somewhere in the late 2014 or early in 2015, so you may expect to start looking for this model somewhere between that time span. As for the pricing is concerned the current prediction is that the fans of the Toyota Hilux model will have to pay somewhere around $100.000 to $115.000 price for the 2015 model. Prices may be different in America, Australia and New Zealand. Check it with your local dealer.

2015 Toyota Hilux front grill

2015 Toyota Hilux – Engine

The rules for the CO2 emissions have been rendered more stick recently so Toyota has decided to make the engine a bit more environment friendly but having its standard powerful engine which will power this beast. This is why there are not many significant changes done under the hood and people may expect mild moderations done to the engine just to make it a bit more standard for the modern age.

2015 Toyota Hilux engine

Maybe the greatest innovation is the inclusion of a VNT intercooler inside the engine of the 2015 Toyota Hilux. We will have a 4 cylinder engine with two options, a 2.5 liter engine and a 3.0 liter engine for the diesel variant. A 5 speed automatic gear shift and all-wheel drive is available with both of the options. Better fuel economy and lesser CO2 emission is made for this model of the Toyota Hilux as well. If you need more powerful car, you should look for 4×4 model.

2015 Toyota Hilux Concept Exterior

The greatest change of the exterior for the 2015 Toyota Hilux includes the widening of the cargo space making it available for 3000 kg. It is a very useful feature and something which many of the fans of the Hilux model will appreciate. This will make this truck more useful than it is and for the people who will put it to good use.

2015 Toyota Hilux exterior side

The exterior design also features a new grill with some alterations on the front and back lights as well, giving the Hilux a much sharper look. Also some work has been done on the suspension system, stabling the car and allowing it for a better drive and feel. This way the 2015 model is easier and more comfortable to drive and is certainly an aspect which many will appreciate.

2015 Toyota Hilux from bird perspective

Spy Photos

Below you can see some spy photos of Toyota Hilux for 2015. Let us know what you think about the leaked photo! Did you noticed what is redesigned?
Toyota Hilux Spy Shots

2015 Hilux – Interior

The redesign of interior of the car is going to be very comfortable for the driver. As the 2015 Toyota Hilux has gained better driving and handling capabilities, why not work on the inside comfort of the car as well. This means that the design of the seats has been upgraded, giving it much comfier leather seats with special cushions for a drive which will seem like floating on air even in the roughest terrains. We were not sure about the dashboard details when we started this review, but the dashboard is also going to be upgraded and will now include a touchpad system for a more modern look, also better climate system as well as and an easily accessible arrangement not to interfere with your driving.

2015 Toyota Hilux interior

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Robert • June 19, 2014

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