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Toyota Hydrogen 2015

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 Price

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 other side

The future is today, and it has sooner than we had anticipated it to be. The Japanese makers of Toyota have finally announced their Toyota Hydrogen 2015 Concept vehicle. A car which is solely powered by hydrogen is something which you only saw in science fiction movies and films, but today Toyota has brought its first car from this line to Japan. The concept for the car has been shown in on the Tokyo Show of 2013 and it is now put into development in Japan while for its unveiling and use in other parts of the world we will have to wait another year. The main issue is that there are not many hydrogen fueling facilities in the world, as the majority of them are set in Japan while there is only one in the UK. But the years to come will certainly show us the expansion of this type of car and its immediate impact on the market. The boom of hybrid engines which has slowly started to introduce us to a more safer future has reached its heights with the 2015 Toyota Hydrogen car and will lead us even further if this concept starts gaining on popularity.

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 Concept Exterior and Interior

The car of the future has to have a futuristic design and Toyota has certainly outdone itself in that department. The new car looks quite stunning and the exterior design really gives you a feeling that there is something special going on with this car. The vehicle looks as if it just came out of a futuristic movie, and if there were not for the wheels, one could think that it could actually lift off and fly.

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 front grill

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 rear

But since we are a long way from that, the car is here to bring you a totally environmentally friendly ride with a stunning look to go with it. The new 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept has a toned down style and it looks both dazzling and elegant at the same time. The vehicle futuristic looks are mainly characterized by the large gaping front air intakes which are placed around the front grille of the car.

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 front side

The vehicle’s dramatic new look is perhaps its second greatest asset if we place the engine in the first spot. As this is a concept still there have been no actual pictures or any drastically mentions about the inside of the car. On its unveiled not many pictures were taken of the inside of the car and we are currently left with some thoughts to ponder upon what the inside might actually look. As we are fairly certain though, the car is going to be a four-seat sedan. This is certainly and appealing fact as it will add to the popularity of people with families who like driving sedans and other targeted publics which might enjoy this type of vehicle.

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 steering wheel


The race for a sounder and environmental engine has certainly been taken by a slide with the new 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept. But there have not been that many specs about the vehicle available to the public till now. We have only to report that the car is going to have a performance similar to a gasoline-powered engine. Its cruising range is estimated at 700 km which is made available by two high-pressure hydrogen tanks which power the vehicle. A great thing which was also mentioned is the estimated time of refueling the car which is lower than three minutes.

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 hydrogen tank

The only downfall for now is the lack of the facilities needed for refueling this types of vehicles. They are for now only available in Japan and there are a few in other parts of the world, but for the new 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept to truly take the market by the storm one needs to make more of the needed refueling facilities. There have been talks and development has already started for a dozen of these facilities to be built in the US.

CES plus PMA 2014 -- Photos by David Cardinal

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 engine system

Price and Release Date

The 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept has already hit the Japanese market, with an estimated price of 7 million yen. But for it to come out for the western market and be available in other parts of the world one will have to wait a bit more. The release date is estimated for the next year when we are expecting for the Hydrogen powered vehicle to hit the markets near us, so get ready to spend around $69,000 for its purchase as it will certainly be available in next year.



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Robert • November 5, 2014

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