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Toyota Fortuner 2017

Toyota Fortuner 2017

The Toyota Fortuner isn’t a new model. In fact, the first generation was released back in 2005. At the time, it was between the Land Cruiser and the RAV4.

One of the things that many people complained about this model was the body. Most people felt is was unstable and that it didn’t have the necessary aerodynamic when it was running at higher speeds.

Toyota kept making changes and upgrading this car for all these years and we are now about to see the Toyota Fortuner 2017.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Exterior

Toyota Fortuner 2017 front

For the Toyota Fortuner 2017, Toyota decided to maintain a very similar look to the 2016 model. You may expect the 2017 model to have the same “Keen Look” grille design that you can also see on other Toyota models.

In what concerns the back of the car, it is expected to have a 17-inch aluminum or steel rims. Many people are also expecting for a TRD package. This package should add a small roof spoiler on the back as well as new bumpers spoilers.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Interior

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Interior

While in the first generation the Fortuner interior was very similar to the Hilux model, the new Toyota Fortuner should continue to have a similar interior that is closer to the Land Cruiser. This mainly shows on the premium feel of the materials as well as on the dashboard look.


The Toyota Fortuner 2017 should be available with different configurations. Depending on the market, it may be presented as a seven-seat crossover or with a wheel drive version.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 side

In what concerns the engine, you ca expect to have the Toyota Fortuner available with two different diesel. While the base model should use a 2.4-liter unit with 150 horsepower and 400 N*m of torque, the top of the range should come with a larger 2.8-liter unit with 177 horsepower and 450 N*m of torque. The standard model base should come with a 6-speed manual while a 6-speed automatic should be considered as optional.

Release Date And Price

The second generation of the Toyota Fortuner has already been released in Australia. This is because this car was designed there as it’s being produced in the country as well. Indonesia is another country where you can already find the new Fortuner for sale. However, and taking out these small exceptions, Toyota is only going to release this new version of the car later in 2017. 

Despite the car is already ready and available in some few markets, Toyota made the decision of postponing this specific model and betting higher on their best selling models first.

Since Toyota only made very small changes to the car, it’s very similar to the 2016 model. So, the price is likely to remain at the same levels. However, we may see a small price increase on the top end models just to make sure that there’s a difference between the Toyota Fortuner 2017 and other similar models.

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Robert • December 20, 2016

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