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2017 toyota supra

2017 Toyota Supra Review and Specs

Ever since 2007 that the world has been expecting to see the new Toyota Supra. It was then intended to hit the market in 2013 but Toyota just kept delaying the car for one or another reason.

A few years ago, Toyota signed up an agreement with BMW in order to develop a new roadster, and this would become the 2017 Toyota Supra. BMW already confirmed that they were the ones that took care of the design of the car. However, Toyota isn’t ready to launch the 2017 Toyota Supra on the market. According to them, BMW needs to be the one to release the car first.

2017 Toyota Supra Exterior

2017 toyota supra front

The Toyota Supra 2017 isn’t going to be the same as their competitors. Instead, the body will almost all be made out of aluminum with some specific parts made out of carbon fiber. With this difference, the 2017 Toyota Supra is expected to be one of the lightest for its class.

When the 2017 Toyota Supra was presented to the world, you could see some amazing futuristic details. However, now that the car is already in production, we know that the look will not be exactly the same. However, it should still remain a little more than just good looking.

2017 Toyota Supra Interior

2017 toyota supra interior

The 2017 Toyota Supra interior is going to be completely focused on the driver, just as the previous version was. So, the center console will be turned to the driver and the dials will be very easy to read. The seats should also provide different positions to make sure you’re comfortable when you’re driving the Toyota Supra 2017.


One of the things, besides the futuristic design, that people are more anxious for is the Toyota Supra 2017 engine. Up until now, we expect that the can will have a BMW engine. We believe that the one that will be used in the 3-liter twin turbocharged inline 6 petrol engine. Another thing that is always expected is the car to have about 400 horsepower as well as 400 lb-ft of torque.

2017 toyota supra side

The standard version of the new Supra should be a 6-speed manual. However, they’re most likely also offer you the alternative to go with automatic as well. In this case, the most probable should be the 8-speed ZF.

The new Toyota Supra is expected to be a hybrid car but it should also come with the 3-liter engine. In case this happens, the most spoken and expected horsepower should be around 550 horsepower and 500  lb-ft of torque. This would allow Supra to enter the market with full force since it could be easily compared with cars like the Camaro or the Mustang.

Release Date And Price

Considering that there is a partnership between Toyota and BMW, as well as the new Z4 is already scheduled for the first or second quarter of 2017, the new Toyota Supra should only appear in the market after that.

What many people were wondering for so long about the new Supra were the futuristic design, a big car, and a $100K price tag. However, much has changed since 2007. Despite you can expect the new Supra to be a beautiful car, it should be smaller, the design shouldn’t be so aggressive and the price should be around $40K for the standard base model and up to about $60K for the top of the line.

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Robert • December 20, 2016

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