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Toyota C HR 2018

Toyota C HR 2018

This new Toyota model announced is certainly the model that knows what good looks means. The new Toyota C HR 2018 can definitely blow your mind because it has an original exterior design with a futuristic look. When looking at the new C HR and what Toyota has done with it, it is clear that Toyota is ready for the future because their new models have incredible styling and design that is more than fantastic.

Toyota C HR 2018 Exterior

As we have already said, the Toyota C HR 2018 is certainly all about style and appearance. It just has a very strong look. With that said, this is one of the strongest crossovers that is ready to take on every route.


There will be a small change in the size of the new C HR since it will now be larger than before. With the increase in size, larger wheels should be added as well. The headlights remain slim but effective with new LED bulbs inside. The exhaustion system in the new Toyota C HR 2018 is certainly unique in the automotive world. While all the other have two distinct air diffusers, the Toyota C HR 2018 only has one that takes most of the front bumper. The large rear spoiler doesn’t only look great as it is also functional.


Toyota C HR 2018 Interior

We have to repeat once again that the new Toyota HR 2018 C will be bigger than ever, so we know that having 5 passengers placed inside comfortably won’t be a problem. As a great addition, the cargo area will also increase.


The seats are wrapped in leather and can be adjusted in many different directions. The infotainment system will be updated and there will be some of the best features installed, like a rear view camera, a digital temperature controller, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, new navigation and audio. Despite the instrument board is huge, it won’t be filled with too many functions. There will be a large touch screen in the middle that can show you all the important information about your upcoming Toyota C HR 2018.


The first thing we should mention in the engine for the new Toyota C HR 2018 is that Toyota will do everything in their hands to make it safe for the environment. It’s probable that we’ll also see a fuel consumption reduction.

According to the latest rumors, the new Toyota C HR 2018 will use a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine as its base. This large engine is capable of delivering about 240 hp and 270 lb / ft of torque. Lately we’ve heard a lot of rumors about this engine is coupled to an electric motor that will be hybrid so customers will love it even more for it.

Release date and price

When we hear that the new 2018 Toyota C HR will have about $18,000 it’s hard to believe because it looks really impressive. Well, it’s true, Toyota wants to make it more affordable so they can sell more units. The release date has not yet been finalized, but we believe the new Toyota C HR 2018 may appear in the spring of 2018.

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Robert • December 21, 2016

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