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Toyota Avalon 2017 Reviews and Expert Tips

If there’s one thing you just can’t wait for until next year’s spring is the new Toyota Avalon 2017, a beautiful sedan. It will be an upgraded version of the already popular model, but it will certainly surprise you with many quality features. Some may even include a new outfit or a better performance.

Toyota redesigned the Avalon in 2013, and gave it a visual distance from the Camry at that time, a model that shares the same running gear. Apart from that, the model don’t suffer many updates. And this is completely justified because it has always been a very successful model for Toyota. So, why change what is already working?

This last Avalon feels quieter and more refined, too. You can’t call it a sports car but it’s surprising that it is much more capable and controllable when compared to the previous models.

One of the things that is making everyone so anxious about is the fact that the Toyota Avalon 2017 is the only one on its segment to have a full hybrid version. You can find them on other segments of the market, but when you’re only interested in buying a hybrid sedan, this is the only option you have. The technology that Toyota will use in this model is the same that is already using on other models. It should include a gasoline engine augmented by an electric motor.

Toyota Avalon 2017 Exterior

Although most versions of the Avalon before were characterized by a sleek, polished design and stayed in their comfort zone all this time, manufacturers are now pointing to something more exciting and modern.


The exterior design is more stylish and has an incredible aerodynamics that makes you think about speedy rides. The body-lines will be a bit more aggressive and strong, but that’s not so much impressive considering the variety of color choices. You’ll also get a new and huge modern grille with the Toyota logo on it and significantly larger ventilation openings with the shutter in the form of chrome bars. The headlights are larger and the fog lights below them improve the visibility in bad weather.

Toyota Avalon 2017 Interior

This very attractive vehicle will be offered in three levels depending on the equipment and materials. These will be XLE, XLE Plus, XLE premium, XLE Touring, Limited and Sport Touring.

You’ll find the Toyota Avalon 2017 cabin very welcoming and confident. You will receive five passengers and offer comfort, entertainment and safety at a high level. The materials used will depend on the level you choose as well as on your personal preferences. Thus, the seats can be covered in fabric or leather that comes with different color options. There will also be an impressive number of technological features, such as the attractive automatic temperature control USB / iPod interface, an eight-speaker sound system, a 6.1” touchscreen and adaptive cruise control.


The Avalon is spacious, modern and carefully composed. The front seats could offer more support, but the rear seats are among the best found in large sedans.

One of the things that you might notice in case you tried the Avalon models between 2013 and 2015 is the driving. The older Avalons had an overly stiff ride. However, with the new Toyota Avalon 2017, you’ll see the improvements and they did it so well that it won’t affect your car’s handling in any possible way.

Other features that were added to this new version of the Avalon are related to safety. Toyota has included an automatic emergency braking and a forward-collision warning as well.

When driving the new Toyota Avalon 2017, you’ll notice that it is controllable, capable, and composed. And one of the best things is that you can hardly hear any noise; it’s very quiet inside the cabin. You’ll only notice the engine noise when you’re driving the Hybrid version and you’re accelerating hard.


A positive point for this amazing sedan is that despite both front and rear seats are very comfortable and offer a lot of space to the passengers, Toyota didn’t forget about the trunk. It still remains with a lot of space which is something that most people look at when they are buying a car within this segment.


The engine options aren’t specified yet. However, there should be a 3.5L V6 engine with the ability to create around 270 horsepower and an impressive 248 pounds of torque. It should provide both Normal and Sport driving modes.

There is also the possibility to have the Toyota Avalon 2017 available also in a hybrid version.

The engine includes a 6-speed automatic providing you with a sport shift mode. All V-6 models get paddle-shift controls as well as the Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes to adjust steering, throttle and shift feel.

The Avalon Hybrid features a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle Inline-4 with two engines glued, which are powered by nickel metal hydride batteries.

Release Date And Price

The release date has not been announced yet but the Toyota Avalon 2017 is expected to appear on the market during the first half of 2017, probably in March. The price will depend the level that you choose. The Toyota Avalon XLE V6 will be $33,485, the 2017 Toyota Avalon XLE should start at $35,235, and the Toyota Avalon 2017 hybrid should reach the $37,484, which is excellent.

One of the things that you’ll love is that Toyota decided to include the Toyota’s Safety Sense Package as a standard in all Avalon’s versions. Previously, this package was optional and was only available for the higher trim levels. This safety package includes automatic high-beam headlight control, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, a lane departure warning and intervention system, and an automatic pre-collision braking.

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Robert • December 21, 2016

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