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2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota has released its new Mirai vehicle, a hydrogen fuel cell powered car that represents an answer or rather a counter to the current electric powered cars. By developing this technology Toyota is making another step to a green future of their cars. They are already known for their hybrid models but have now decided to take it a bit further and thus have developed the 2016 Mirai as the first generation of hydrogen powered cars

Similarly to the Prius, which made its debut in 1997, the Mirai is going to be the starting point of a much larger plan of Toyota. They are planning a much larger concept which starts now and will develop the car till 2050. This is going to be their first attempt at a North American market and the Mirai is what they are trying to push through there. Currently there are not many facilities that can fuel the car as the technology is still being developed and not a lot of countries or states have them. But Toyota is hoping that the Mirai can bring a clean start to a much brighter future with its development of the Mirai.

Although strange looking in design, the Toyota Mirai is a very good looking vehicle. It might take some time in getting used to its appeal but the fact is that everything is new regarding this car and getting used to it is a part of having it. The release has been set and the price is also available and it is surprisingly not much higher than the current hybrid cars. The price of the Toyota Mirai will enable it to be a contender in the market and thus make it accessible to all the people.


2016 Toyota Mirai exterior

2016 Toyota Mirai

The design of the Mirai vehicle can only be described as strange. This is not that has been seen as of late so it makes the car something strange and something new. But in fact it is an interesting look that really goes hand in hand with this kind of a car. By painting the recesses completely black making a floating effect like that. So if you look at the roof line, you will notice as if it is floating in air as the trick makes you think that the pillars have no contact with it. It is the same as with the hood which has the same effect to it.

In the front of the car comes the most interesting part, with the huge corner intakes matted in the front. Besides having an aesthetic use and bringing a more than an extraordinary look to the Toyota Mirai, it also has some use to it as well. This actually cools down the powertrain of the car as in the front there are various electronics, radiators and compressors placed which make the car tick. So in conclusion, the car looks a bit out of this world but it is actually an appropriate way of bringing this new technology to the people and popularizing it through the design of the car.



2016 Toyota Mirai

The inside of the Toyota Mirai can only be described as futuristic. In order to keep the feel of a new type of vehicle it is only sane that the inside is going to look the same as the outside. This time they did not look for it very long and kind of a ventured into their own back yard as Toyota has decided to take the inside look of the Prius car and use it for the Mirai. But it is not a completely carried over design but an updated version and more modern version as well. It really looks futuristic as the updates add to the whole concept of the car being out of this world.

The comfort levels are quite nice as it uses some comfy materials and seats. It is very comfy to rid it in and holds enough space within it. But it comes as only limited to four people as the inclusion of a fifth one will make the car much heavier and greatly reduce its dicing range as such. For now it remains a four-seater, but a very comfy one at that. The layout is pretty understandable actually and you will have no trouble mastering it. Despite the fact that it will certainly all see as something new for you, it is very easy to you and very understandable.



So now comes the most interesting part, and that is what makes this car actually run. You will find a 114 kilowatt, or a 153 horsepower, fuel cell under the seat of the front part of the car. It transfers the power to the front wheels and makes the car run. There is also 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, which adds some energy but essentially works as a backup and a buffer for the power demand of the fuel cell. It can accelerate very nicely to 30 mph, but higher than that starts struggling a bit, so the 0-60 mph acceleration time is estimated at around 10 seconds. There are two hydrogen tanks, of up to 5 kg, which hold the compressed hydrogen and are located crosswise between the rear wheels under the load deck and under the rear seat.


Price and release date

As it has been estimated that the selling of the Mirai vehicle will make a slow start at first, small numbers are being produced right now. The facilities for refueling are still being developed and there are some which will be completed till the end of 2015 in California. The release date for the 2016 Toyota Mirai will thus be released sometime next year and it will be first available in all the areas where they have the facilities for refueling. The price is similar to a hybrid vehicle in fact and will cost you around $57,500.



2016 Toyota Mirai

VAforToyota • August 13, 2015

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