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2015 Lexus CT

2015 Lexus CT

2015 Lexus CT

The Lexus CT is in fact the only small luxury hatchback hybrid model in the market. But a lot of people actually do not realize actually fun it can be driving this car. This is an exclusive hybrid vehicle from Lexus and does not come in any other available forms. Also, you can get it only as a five-door compact hatchback vehicle as there is no sedan trim available. Also it is the smallest but also the most affordable vehicle in the Lexus lineup so it offers us quite a low price as well.

This is going to be the only available luxury hybrid hatchback in the US for now, so it kind of a occupies the market for these kinds of cars. It will also come with a huge amount of additional features that the car is going to come equipped with. They are going for a much more personal and a customization approach and it might prove to be a good thing for the little CT vehicle.

What the 2015 Lexus CT also brings to the table is versatility when choosing it. It is going to be appropriate for all kinds of people and age classes. It’s wonderful and adaptable design is a good choice for both business people and all age groups. It is a good substitute for the Toyota hybrids that are available and the Lexus aims to get in on the market with their CT. As you can see from the pictures we are speaking the truth and the price is also in everybody’s price range.


2015 Lexus CT exterior

2015 Lexus CT

The Lexus CT enters in its fifth model year and actually lands with not many exterior updates. The car has gone through a severe change last year and there have been many inclusions that overhauled the entire car. Now there has not been a great need to change many things that have just recently been updated. The gets change is of course he inclusion of the now already trademark spindle grille that the whole fleet of Lexus vehicle is getting. The grille actually looks fine on the CT and blends nicely with the other parts and details for the car.

The Lexus CT has is a low slab-sided hatchback with thick roof pillars. It shape combines the flowing L-finesse design, typical for Lexus cars, and blends them with smoothly curved lines and gently arced back pillars. This combination makes the design a bit aggressive looking and in fact very unusual for a small car like this. The rear window has a wraparound appearance which extends into the pillars. The long spoiler from there extends from the roof to the short tailgate. The look is a bit sporty but not as weird as the first generation that came out. There are also some different color schemes added to the 2015 Lexus CT that provide you with more options regarding the choice of appearance of the car.



2015 Lexus CT

The inside of the Lexus CT is very handsome looking and has a large technological updated now. The dashboard has been changed a bit and the digital screen within was updated for the new version. There are also some several minor details that have been tampered with which may pass as unnoticeable but the entirely new steering wheel is something that is certainly going to be noticed. A better grip and a comfier feel is what it now provides for the user. The scuff plates are now made of metal and the plastic ones have been thrown out and substituted.

The whole entire cabin makes up for an entirely updated and luxurious look than before. It is both attractive and very pleasant to drive in. What greatly adds to the comfort levels is also the choice in several colors schemes that are available for the inside of the CT. You may choose between bamboo, burl, black wood and the exclusive silver metal trim.



This time the engine setup will not be tampered with and the Lexus CT will still have the same engine that was used the previous year. The 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, that is good to make 98-horsepower, is paired with a Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. This actually makes the design of the powertrain a Prius which is fitted in a much smaller frame and a refined car. The power is provided by a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack which is placed under the rear load deck. So this is in fact a Lexus car and not a Prius, so the entire concept makes the powertrain of it act more sportier which is owed to some special additions that Lexus provides and does not have much to do with the same engine usage. Its EPA combined rating of 42 mpg, and 40 mpg mixed use, is a well and power fuel efficient setup for the car.


Release date and price

Being that the car has already been showcased around the world, all we are waiting for is the confirmation of the official relese date. We are fairly certain that the Lexus CT for the 2015 model year will appear very soon in mid-year. The purchase of the car is going to be made very easy as one of the most affordable cars on the market with its base MSRP at around 32.000 dollars.



2015 Lexus CT

VAforToyota • August 13, 2015

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