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2015 Toyota Verso main

2015 Toyota Verso Redesign and Price

Toyota has finally announced the unveilence of its new 2015 Toyota Verso and, if we judge it by the specs, it will certainly carry on the tradition of the preceding Verso models.The premier of the first Toyota Verso model was three years ago, and since then the car has proven to be one of the more prominent cars in Toyota’s arsenal. But now it is time for a change and better yet a redesign. The much needed facelift was done by remodeling the exterior part of the car with much innovations and technical additions to the inside. This makes the 2015 Toyota Verso model one of the more technical ones on the market and will certainly appeal to a more urban or modern audiences, but we assume that the old school will fancy the all new included gadgets and will certainly find an appeal to them and think of them as pretty useful.


2015 Toyota Verso Engine

As for the “what’s happening under the hood question” is concerned, there are rumors that the 2015 Toyota Verso will have two options, a diesel and a gasoline powered one. Unfortunately there are still no exclusive specs about the gasoline powered engine yet, but we do know that both of the engines will be connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the gasoline one is linked with the Multidrive-S 7-speed automatic transmission. The diesel powered engine includes a 1.33 liter and a 1.4 D4 turbo engine. Both produce 98 hp at 270 Nm of torque.

2015 Toyota Verso engine

2015 Verso Price

You will certainly spare no expenses when it comes to the 2015 Toyota Verso and why should you, because this certainly makes a fantastic, modern and extremely drivable car. For now, the information which we have is that the car will cost somewhere around €18.000 or $24.000, which is a small price to pay for a great car such as the new 2015 Toyota Verso model.

2015 Toyota Verso front grill

2015 Toyota Verso Exterior

The new look of the 2015 Toyota Verso certainly gives a more appealing and healthier look. The car is made to be used in the modern age and so has the design kept with this premise. The vehicle looks like a dream and Toyota says that it truly feels like one when driving it. The redesigned exterior is mainly focused on the enhanced taillights and a much better grill as well. The taillights are now LED and allow you to have a more distinctive contrast while driving which will certainly upgrade your driving and maneuvering of the vehicle. We finish the story about the exterior with cherry on top and those are the newly designed 16 alloy wheels which do not only look good, they also provide a 3D effect and add a bit tone to your driving look.

2015 Toyota Verso side

2015 Toyota Verso Interior

To back the story about one of the most technical cars on the market, the makers of 2015 Toyota Verso have decided to include an array of multiple technical helpers within the car. But firstly lets start with the design of the interior which was also tampered a bit, but with good measure because the car now sports a great new inside look with double ton colors making it much more serious and new age at the same time. The seats are extremely comfortable and the drive will feel good wherever you decide to go.

2015 Toyota Verso inside

The safety is a big issue as well, so beside the standard airbags there are is the tire air pressure system which immediately warns you about the condition of your tires and a back side camera which allows you to have a better look about what is happening at behind your vehicle. A 6.1 inch touch display is included with entirely modern and new navigation system. USB connectivity, music streaming calling options, do we need to add more? Well lets jus mention one more and that is the Toyota Touch 2 system which will inform you about the traffic conditions, available parking spaces, map navigation an a customizable speed limit as well.




Robert • July 3, 2014

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