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2015 Toyota IQ

2015 Toyota IQ Specs and Price

After the debut of the first Toyota IQ back in 2011, we are in for its sixth installment for the future. The 2015 Toyota IQ comes to us wits some great specs and very interesting characteristics. It is a car that is much like the Smart vehicle very short in size and is convenient for parking in crowded area and moving and maneuvering within large urban cities.

But unfortunately, these characteristics will make this care popular in Europe or parts of the world where these great crowds happen and where congestion in traffic is great. Many cities in the US do not cause that kind of congestion, except the big ones of course, so it will be very hard for the IQ to break into the US market which demands bigger and larger cars and not only convenient parking and movability.

2015 Toyota IQ side

This is actually perhaps the only advantage which the IQ has over larger vehicle. As you can see from the pictures the 2015 Toyota IQ has all the characteristics that its preceding cars had, its small size and convenient build. The new car does not offers us a substantial fuel economy that would make an impact of the fuel consumption for this car and also does not offer a low price tag on it. The price of the 2015 Toyota IQ does not boast well for it and should be greatly considered before deciding to buy this particular model.

2015 Toyota IQ front side

2015 Toyota IQ Exterior

The exterior design of the 2015 Toyota IQ is a bit slab-sided. But that is what it makes this car actually the way it is and enables it to cut narrow corners and fit it precisely like a building block in any available parking area. What differentiates the IQ from its Smart counterpart actually in its design are the somewhat rounded lines that the IQ has. This actually make the car more aerodynamic, although this is not something that the car needs or can boast itself for, but it is a good characteristic to have non the less.

But what is added or actually changed with the IQ vehicle are its wheels. The car now sits on some 17-inch wheels which add mountains of attitude to the car. The car has a very aggressive stance now and loads of attitude that will certainly bring more appeal for the car. It looks great and as you can see from the provided pictures of the 2015 IQ it surpasses its preceding models.

2015 Toyota IQ rear


What many of you have actually thought about the Toyota IQ is that it is a two seater. But this premise is actually not true as the car features another additional seat squeezed at the back and in the middle of the two front seats. But let’s just say that you would rather ride shotgun in this case than at the back. There is also another extra seat at the back but is smaller and reserved for the use of your children. So officially, the inside of the 2015 Toyota IQ has 3+1 seats.

2015 Toyota IQ

The design of the inside is actually made quite differently from the Smart vehicle, for example. The inside of the Smart is a bit minimalistic so to say and does not offer much excitement. As for the inside of the IQ there are many interesting design ideas which have been produced and added to the car, making the driver and the passenger feel very positive while riding in it. Perhaps the only downfall is the grim and black mixture of the colors which have been included.

2015 Toyota IQ interior

Engine and Specs of 2015 Toyota IQ

The 2015 Toyota IQ has a very interesting engine spec composition, but a one which perfectly goes with the capabilities of the vehicle. Under the hood we are able to find a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine which is able to produce 94 horsepower, which is pretty decent for this type of a vehicle, although being the least powerful engine, apart from the hybrid kinds, in the Toyota’s lineup.

It was also concluded that a better choice for the transmission system would be the use of a continuously variable transmission, or CVT, as it allows better fuel economy for the vehicle. This combination provides the uses of an IQ vehicle with just what it needs. It is not a speedster nor does it need to be. it is just enough to help you get around the city and visit all the places you need to see and take care of the needed things as well.

2015 Toyota IQ engine


As for the price of the 2015 Toyota IQ, it is a bit steep as we said. Although this does not necessarily make it a bad car, it is perhaps too costly for a car which main features is being able to squeeze between things. The starting price of $16,000 is certainly enough to get you a larger car with a better mileage but if you would rather have an exclusive care like the IQ then it is an appropriate price to pay.



2015 Toyota IQ Specsengineexteriorinterior

Robert • March 27, 2015

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