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2015 Toyota Supra red

2015 Toyota Supra – Release Date and Price

Every sports car fan has certainly added the 2015 Toyota Supra to his top 10 sports car list. The reason for this is because the Toyota Supra is truly one of the most popular sports car that everyone knows about and enjoys and it is its reliability and handling on the road that has gain it its immense popularity. But for years now there have been little hopes that the Toyota will produce a new Supra model and it has all been labeled as rumors. But sometimes rumors tend to be true and wishes can be fulfilled, because the announcement of the 2015 Toyota Supra has been confirmed. The wait is over and fans should be expecting a new model of their favorite car to come out early in 2015, but all of the info and the performances of the car are yet to be released. The producers want to keep us a little bit more in the dark before their finally unveil perhaps the most anticipated car of the year.

2015 Toyota Supra Exterior

The expectations are that there will be not many changes to your favorite car in terms of the exterior. The car is going to keep its sports like image and will be every bit of a sportster you all praise and like. The inclusion on the new model are the alloy wheels while the designers have decided to keep the old and the familiar look for the 2015 Toyota Supra which features its famous sporty curves.

2015 Toyota Supra main

The inclusion of a fender vent and a spoiler is made so the car handles better on the road and so as to improve aerodynamics. This will keep the 2015 Toyota Supra a beast on the road which not many cars can match to. This is actually what the fans are expecting and is certainly what they will get.

2015 Toyota Supra exterior

2015 Toyota Supra Interior

The interior actually matches up to the exterior, meaning that it keeps true to the sports look as well as for the inside of the car. Although additional information are yet to be disclosed about the interior parts and people will have to wait a bit more to get informed about the particularities of the inside look of the car, we only have the basic info about the interior. The thing that we are a hundred percent sure about is actually, which will no doubt make all the fans of Toyota Supra happy, is that the 2015 will remain a two seater.

2015 Toyota Supra inside

Furnished with sports like leather seats with a wheel to match, it will attract all the hard core fans of this look and even those who have yet to find themselves. The technical additions to the inside of the car are also unfamiliar, but the thing that we do know is that the wheel is going to be the center of your operations, so to say, and there is going to be a lot of innovations in terms of adding various modern amenities to the inside of the car. This means that Toyota strives to make its star sports car a bit more modern and in sync with the time period.

2015 Toyota Supra interior

2015 Supra Engine

Some rumors say that the 2015 Toyota Supra will be also released as a hybrid, but while this info is yet to be confirmed we can be sure that the engine of the 2015 Toyota Supra will include 3.5 L V6 engine packing 350 hp 372 Nm of torque. The petrol engine will assure you that you will be able to reach the maximum speed of 275 km/h, which is more than enough to get the adrenaline pumping thorough your veins and excitement in your heart.

2015 Toyota Supra engine

Supra – Price

The pricing is steel vague and there are a lot of different kind of assumptions which can determine the finals price of the car. Some people say that it is going to be around $40.000 while others estimate that the price of the 2015 Toyota Supra is going to reach about $60.000, but this will come as no surprise because the true fans of the Toyota Supra model know what they are paying for and are well aware that it is a good deal. The confirmation has been received that the 2015 model will come out early in 2015 and that people should be on their toes waiting for its release.

2015 Toyota Supra rear



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