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Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015

Hybrid cars have made a revolution of their own. With the emergence of the first hybrid car, everything has changed and the world has started tipping towards a better more cleaner future. Here we have some of the most popular Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 ( Many car designers have seen the advantage in this type of vehicles and have started producing their own types and models of the brand.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 side higlander

One of the most green car designers is certainly Toyota, who by seeing the advantage these type of cars have done for the environment have started producing even more and even better hybrid vehicles. What Toyota’s car give to their customers is stellar hybrid technology combined with beautiful designs and very reliable craftsmanship. Each year, Toyota manages to outdone itself with a new fleet of hybrid cars in their disposal.

On the road towards a green and fuel efficient future, Toyota has introduced a new fleet of tier hybrid cars and their Prius brand for the year 2015. It includes some very impressive innovations in some vehicles but also a very beautiful display of fine craftsmanship in every car. Check out reviews of Hybrid cars which Toyota is bringing to their customers in 2015.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 sienna

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 – Camry Hybrid

The Camry has been the most popular and the top seeing hybrid cars in the US for twelve years now. One of Toyota’s prime hybrid vehicles had been a top choice of many people who like to enjoy a comfortable ride without any fusses. Also the specs of this vehicle have always been reliable and top notch.

With the update of the 2015 Camry Hybrid, people will get a more bolder and aggressive car. What the vehicle lacked was attitude and a bit of a kick to it which was certainly solved with this model. The car features a revised exterior look which adds a bit more attitude to it with the interior to match as well.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 camry

This is the most sportier Camry yet and besides making the current fan base happy, it will most certainly add some new ones and built on its base of fans even more. The base models include a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine trim, while the optional one is 3.5-liter V-6, augmented with an electric motor of course. A total of 178 hp is available with this 2015 Camry and an estimated EPA rating of 25 mpg in a city drive or 35 mpg on highways.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 camry interior

Avalon Hybrid

The Avalon Hybrid from Toyota is one of their most popular cars and has been held as one of the most safest and reliable ones yet. These characteristics of the 2015 model are all kept with a certain rejuvenation of the car which will appeal to a younger crowd. The car is still not that sporty looking but it has received a much needed dip in the fountain of youth to make it much interesting and appealing than before.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 avalon

With a revised interior and multitude of technological upgrades which have more than spruced up the vitality of the vehicle, the 2015 Avalon Hybrid will certainly be a go to car for many fans of the brand. But Toyota has kept to its standards of their Avalon vehicle as the luxury, which can be compared with Lexus vehicles, is also apparent.

With the current upgrade the car will be able to achieve a power of 200 horsepower by using a Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder in tandem with a nickel-metal-hybrid batteries and two electric motors. With an extended battery life and with a EPA rating of 40 mpg in a city drive and 39 mpg on highway, the Avalon is one of the best hybrids and green cars on the market, It is certainly the most luxurious one in the Toyota fleet and the driving experience is interestingly not that different between the regular and the hybrid models.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 avalon interior

Highlander Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015

The new 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is one of the most affordable midsize SUV’s on the market. With a very reasonable price combined with great fuel economy this car is capable of, it certainly makes it one which is a good energy and money saving vehicle.

What has changed for the Highlander is its look. The fans are more than happy with a new first rate cabin design and a quiet feel of driving with the car proposes. As people would say, it purrs like a kitten and also gives you all the comfort in the world to enjoy it. The revitalized version of the Highlander hybrid model adds to the quality of the hybrid fleet which Toyota is presenting.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 highlander

With the release of the new Highlander come the new engine specs for this vehicle. It includes a gasoline powered V6 engine with a combination of three electrically powered engines. With an excellent fuel economy, 27 mpg city and 28 mpg highway drive, the car has also a very strong spring to it with great acceleration. Also the car has undergone some tuning which has greatly added to its handling, particularly in highway drives.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 highlander engine


The Hybrid that started it all. Perhaps the most notable hybrid vehicle and the one with the highest fuel economy is the pride gem of Toyota’s fleet. It has remained the peak of its green campaign and is now comes updated for the sixth time as a fully new vehicle.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 Prius main

What makes the Prius unmatched with even the electric cars on the market is its Hybrid Synergy Drive system. It enables the new Prius to achieve a power of 134 horsepower which is done with a combination of a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motor generators. What is interesting is that the combination of the two powers sources enables and added torque of the gasoline and the electric engines, which is unique for the Prius vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius inside

With an estimated EPA of 51 mpg in city drives and 48 on highway drives, the Prius is without a doubt the most fuel efficient vehicle on the market. If you want to see its driving properties check out the video bellow and see how it handles.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 Prius side

Toyota Prius C

What the greatest characteristic of the 2015 Prius C vehicle is its small size, which makes it an ideal car for city drives with its impeccable fuel efficiency. As you can see here: The Prius C is the least expensive Prius vehicles in Toyota’s family and certainly one of the most likeable ones. Its great shape and design makes it for a lovely vehicle with a great feeling while driving it.

This brand has been launched for the first time in 2012. It is the smallest and yet one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market. The newly released version of 2015 does not offer much in size and standard put still keeps and estimated EPA rating on 50 mpg. It is available in different color specters which will be another addition which the fans will certainly love.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius c hybrid

What is interesting about the new model is that the design will fool you not thinking that it is not a hybrid vehicle. It rather looks like a conventional hunchback vehicle, but it is when you see the badges is when you realize what is actually hiding underneath. What the 2015 model brings is actually and overall more aggressive look which will add a bit more attitude to this small vehicle.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius C

Prius Plug-in

The all new and improved Prius Plug-in vehicle from Toyota comes with some exceptional abilities to it. It can travel a length of 11 miles more than the standard Prius vehicle and does so on electric energy alone. The vehicle is great in handling and is a great addition to the Toyota’s green fleet.

Besides already having an exceptional fuel economy, the plug-in ability to this Prius vehicle is what makes it unique among its peers. It allows for an estimated EPA rating of 95 mpg, which is pretty astounding for a hybrid car. Although pricier than the standard Prius, it is well worth the money invested in it.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 plug in prius

The powertrain of the 2015 Prius plug-in is comprised of a pair of electric-motor engines combined with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine. The new lithium-ion technology pack has more capacity than the standard Prius does. What the Plug-in version also offers is a cut down recharge time, which can be done in 3 hours, by using a 120 volt charger, or in half as that if you use a 240 volt one.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius plug in engine

Prius V

The 2015 Toyota Prius V is the most utilitarian vehicles out of the Prius lineup. Compared with its peers, it is the best family car on the market which includes the standard fuel efficient characteristic which all the Prius vehicles possess. It offers also the largest cargo haul out of all of the given cars out of the Toyota’s hybrids.

What is new for the 2015 Prius V model is its updated look. The car has undergone an entire facelift, both inside and out. While a modern new look is featured on the outside of the vehicle, with a full new designed front part, the inside has been updated with additional technological features and comfort utilities as well.

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015 prius V side

What is not new for the Prius V line is its engine, which has remained the same. But nevertheless, the Prius V is still fuel efficient and reliable for use even with the old engine. Why would we change something which does the job great? The combination of 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder hybrid powertrain and a nickel-metal hybrid battery pack enables the Prius V to achieve 134 horsepower and a fuel economy of 40 mpg city drive and 40 mpg highway drive. It is some of most popular Toyota Hybrid Cars 2015.



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