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Toyota Corolla 2017

Toyota Corolla 2017: Japanese Car Manufacturing Elegance

The Japanese automaker Toyota has a serious impact on the entire industry. That is why this car is very desirable in Asia and Europe. The Toyota brand in the United States is very popular, so the Prius has become one of the best selling sedans in the country. Every year, the market gains more and more from the US.

Toyota Corolla 2017 Exterior


Perhaps the problem is one of the main advantages of the new Toyota. According to experts, this car is perfect in the aerodynamics appearance. Smooth lines and elegant body impress even the most discerning riders.

The front and rear lights perfectly fit in the overall design, creating an overall picture. Although it belongs to the class of low cost vehicles, the new Corolla will be very elegant and defiant. In this regard, it can compete with numerous luxury class representatives. Initially, the four-door sedans will be distributed exclusively. However, in the future, it is expected to include other body styles (sedan and others) in production.

Toyota 2017 Corolla Interior

The interiors of most Japanese cars used to be kept in the budget. However, the new Toyota Corolla 2017 was made to erase this stereotype. The cabin includes:

– The four heated seats in advanced versions, and just the front ones for basic configurations.


– A 6.1 inch computer touch will be installed even in the standard car. However, the more expensive models, may also include USB 2.0, audio outputs, Bluetooth, etc. as well as additional functions. In addition, the leather steering wheel is designed to be installed in high-end versions.

– The rear view camera in combination with several sensors form a good parking assistance system.

– The security system that the car includes is great. It comes with airbags (including side), stability and traction control system, ABS and electronic braking force distribution.

– The interior design is kept in two different colors, although it is still unknown exactly.


Every seasoned rider, reading about the new “iron horse”, first wants to learn its characteristics. Here are certain specifications of the Toyota Corolla 2017:

– An engine capacity of 1.8 liters should be the basic configuration. There’s no information regarding the improved version yet.

– The 4-cylinder powertrain produces 132 horsepower. The valvematic version with up to 140 horsepower should also be presented to customers.


– There are several types of gearboxes available. The simplest option is the 6-speed manual and the most expensive alternative is the 4-speed automatic transmission. The most recent version is continuously variable transmission (CVT). This box will be mounted on the Sport version, which should be exceptional for speed (according to the developers).

Release Date And Price

Everyone who has a great desire to buy this car, most probably want to know more about the price. We can say that this model has the perfect value.

There is no specific price data yet, but should, according to the configuration, range between $19K and $28K. The launch of the 2017 Toyota Corolla is scheduled for April 2017.

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Robert • December 21, 2016

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