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Toyota Camry 2017

Toyota Camry 2017 Complete Review

One of the more competitive car segments includes the Toyota Camry, the Subaru Legacy, the Hyundai Sonata, the Honda Accord, and the Ford Fusion. At this moment, the Toyota Camry is the one that has more sales. So, Toyota doesn’t want to let this segment get away of their hands and they decided to launch the new Toyota Camry 2017.

When you’re a person who prefers substance to style, and if you like to drive comfortably without being or appearing to be pretentious, the Toyota Camry 2017 is a great choice.

Toyota Camry 2017 Exterior

When you look at the new Toyota Camry 2017, it will seem very discreet and reserved. However, you need to notice those body styling flashes that give it life. The most noticeable flashes are on the grille. You’ll able to see the return of the “mechanical catfish” from last year. This is even more remarkable because this is a very bold design for Toyota. And if this might stop some potential buyers aside, some new buyers can get the chance to finally own the Toyota Camry 2017.

Toyota Camry 2017 front

In what concerns to the lighting, it also changed a bit. The headlights are now swept back with clear and nice detailing lenses. On the upper trims, you’ll also get some beautiful LED lamps for the daylight.

On the rear, you have a brightwork curved bar turning down, almost forming a frame to the taillights. 

The last redesign that the Camry got was back in 2015.

Toyota Camry 2017 Interior

With a very spacious interior, this is where the Toyota Camry 2017 comes alive. There are some features that we need to mention regarding the interior of the Toyota Camry 2017. Space is great as well as the sound-deadening. However, it’s evident that Toyota has placed their main goal in having space for more passengers than for the cargo. We’re not saying that the cargo isn’t enough. However, there has to be a balance and, in our opinion, Toyota made the right choice, privileging the space for people instead of cargo space.

Toyota Camry 2017 interior

When you’re looking to buy a Toyota Camry 2017, you have different trim levels to choose from. The standard model is the Camry LE and it comes with suede-like materials and cloth seats. The upper model, the Camry XLE, already comes with leather seats. The ultimate level – the Camry XSE includes sports leather ultra suede upholstery. The equipment also depends on the trim level you choose. For example, most models will come with a 6.1-inch touchscreen. However, the models that include a v-6 have, instead, a 7.0-inch touchscreen, and the center stack will also have larger buttons and knobs.

With this amazing interior, Toyota clearly shows us the care they had when they were producing the Toyota Camry 2017. This is one of the best cars that you can have when you need to make long trips.

Toyota Camry 2017 side

In what concerns to the dashboard it really is a feature that is worth mentioning. Toyota placed some multi-function controllers on the steering wheel. These controllers couldn’t be in a better position. They are exactly where they should because you’ll see how your thumbs easily get there, The touchscreen was also thought to be highly intuitive. They added virtual buttons that you can easily touch to choose the various controls.


The base model of the Toyota Camry 2017 uses a modest 2.5-liter inline-4 that makes 178 horsepower. It is complemented with a usual 6-speed automatic transmission. Despite this isn’t an exceptional engine, it should work just fine for most drivers.

But the Toyota Camry 2017 also comes with other engines for higher trim levels. Another engine that you can find is the 3.5-liter V-6 that makes 268 horsepower and a Hybrid battery-engine combo that makes 200 horsepower.

Release Date And Price

We can almost bet that you’re almost so excited as we are. So, you don’t even need to wait any further. The Toyota Camry 2017 is already up for sale.

In what concerns to the prices, they all remain in the same range as with the 2016 Toyota Camry. You can find the base model price starting at only $23,905 (the LE), the SE starts at $24,675, and the LXE start at $27,415. The hybrid versions of the Camry are slightly pricier. The LE starts at $27,625. the SE starts at $28,830, and the XLE starts at $30,975.

All these prices already include the $835 destination fee that is charged by Toyota for distributing to almost all areas in the United States. However, there may be an additional fee for some dealers that are located in the southeast.

When you want to get a new car, you usually like to add some extras. So, there are a few extras that are worth mentioning that will make your brand new Toyota Camry 2017 look and behave even better. When you choose the V-6 engine, you can add the “Convenience Package” for $5,060. This includes a universal garage door, a keyless entry with pushbutton ignition, and a power sunroof.

However, if you’re looking at the LE Hybrid version, you won’t have the sunroof option that costs $915, despite it is available on all the other versions of the Camry.

There are also other interesting packages like the Technology Package that includes a radar-based adaptative cruise control, a forward emergency brake, automatic high-beam headlights, and a lane-departure warning; the Convenience Package for the 4-cylinder models; a blind-spot alert with rear cross-traffic detection, an in-dash GPS navigation system; a wireless smartphone charging for the SE version; and the Toyota’s Safety Connect telematics available only for the XLE version. Usually, these bundles will range between $1,440 and $4,930.

If you just love cars and want to get frequent updates on the newest models or about what’s changing in the automotive industry, make sure to read more about cars here.



Robert • December 20, 2016

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