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2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry Release Date

According to some automotive news outlets, Toyota is on the right track with 2015 Toyota Camry, as they say it became even more exciting to drive, more appealing to the eye and quieter. Other improvements are better materials, lots of high tech gadgets and overall fresh feel and character. Even though it’s not famous for…

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2015 Toyota FT-Bh Hybrid front

2015 Toyota FT-Bh Hybrid Concept

The 2015 Toyota FT-Bh Hybrid Concept is a car which premiered at the 2012 Geneva show. Now the concept is finally out and fans will get to see a glimpse of it and very soon be able to get one of their own. It is actually a great car which enables great fuel efficiency and…

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2014 Toyota Etios Cross front

2014 Toyota Etios Cross Review

New edition of Toyota’s compact crossover named Etios is currently one of the main topics among the fans of this company’s cars. Toyota is one of the manufacturers who started producing cars of this category most recently. 2014 Toyota Etios Cross is an upgraded version of Etios Liva hatchback model, offered with both diesel and…

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2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra Price

In the segment of big off-road and cargo cars, Toyota has a really huge experience and up to now, models of this category produced by Toyota haven’t been seeing a lot of changes in little periods of time when it comes to exterior design. This time, 2016 Toyota Tundra seeks to prove that this company…

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Toyota Hydrogen 2015

Toyota Hydrogen 2015 Price

The future is today, and it has sooner than we had anticipated it to be. The Japanese makers of Toyota have finally announced their Toyota Hydrogen 2015 Concept vehicle. A car which is solely powered by hydrogen is something which you only saw in science fiction movies and films, but today Toyota has brought its…

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Toyota A-BAT 2014 front side

Toyota A-BAT 2014 Price

Returning to its roots, Toyota is launching another compact truck Toyota A-BAT 2014. This time it’s a concept car called Advanced Breakthrough Aero which is to be released in January 2015 according to the most recent news. We’re guessing that this will make it actually a 2015 A-BAT instead of 2014 when the concept was…

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2014 Toyota Furia

2014 Toyota Furia Price and Specs

For many years the Toyota Corolla has been a go to car for many purchasers. It has attracted people and it was in the top of the selling pols for many years, but always seemed to lacked something. The design was always a bit off and although many people agreed to but it there were…

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2015 Toyota Tarago

2015 Toyota Tarago Release Date and Price

The new 2015 Toyota Tarago is out and specs say that we are in for a much better car that we have been used for in the past. The year of 2015 brings many changes for Tarago which will result in a much better car featuring a much better ride as well. Although some features…

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2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Release Date

This off-road model 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro from Toyota definitely can’t be described using the word “elegance”. This is an imposing, modern and more than capable car that will be best used away from the hustle and bustle of cities. This beast of a car will definitely get you through to your destination, no…

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