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2013 Toyota GT 86 red banned commercial

Banned Toyota GT86 Commercial

2013 Toyota GT 86 red banned commercial

There are many commercial or ads which have been filmed but have never seen the lights of the day on the small screen. Tons of ads have been banned due to its inappropriate advertising or unsafe conducts depicted on them. Not all countries promote the same ideals and in some of them certain contents can be found offensive or unfit. One of the latest ads which has been banned due to its inappropriate contents is the ad made for the Toyota GT86 vehicle. The commercial has been banned in the UK because it promotes fast and unsafe driving. Although, still legal in the US, the UK officials and their laws strictly depict the contents of the 1.30 minute clip as a promotion of unsafe behavior on the road. The UK’s road security laws are very different and pose a much stricter regime and labeled this image posed on the ad as very unsafe for the younger audiences which may lead to casualties and damage of all sorts. The ad is called “The Real Deal” and the leaked clip can be seen on the internet.

The commercial actually shows an unreal pixelated dystopian world with the main character driving through the streets of a derelict unknown city. The world around it is shown in a manner of a videogame, so some video game fans can relate to it being similar to the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. The character in the ad asks the question “of being alive …?” since he does not feel so in the mentioned world. It is then when the character drives off to a some sorts of a storage facility in search for something real, which he finds in a factory with a decrepit old man saving it for him. He unveils the Toyota GT86, which is actually shown in its real world for opposed to the pixelated surrounding, and starts driving fast around the neighborhood. A car chase between the Toyota vehicle with the main character behind the wheel occurs then with the police and helicopters dispatched to catch him. The speed of the car is so fast and extreme that the car destroys the pixels of this video game dystopian world with every curve and every swivel of the car. The driver manages to get away from his pursuers and manages to get away to the boundary which separates the real world from the video game world the ad is in and it is with the greatest speed of the vehicle that he manages to break the boundary and cross to the real world with the Toyota GT86 vehicle. It is only then that the character can feel alive.

As you can deduce by yourself the clip relates to the question of feeling alive at the highest speed which the vehicle can produce which has led the UK officials to believe that this can manage to persuade many teens or young adults to do the same and drive the car as fast as they could. The commercial is now officially banned for viewing on any television program across Britain but is still deemed fit for viewing in the US in a shorter version of it. The leaked complete ad has immediately managed its way on the net where you may search for it and see it.

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Robert • October 24, 2014

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