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2018 Toyota Sequoia – Just A Small Facelift

Since the current version of the Toyota Sequoia was launched just this year, the expectations regarding the 2018 Toyota Sequoia are not many. We are only expecting to see a minor facelift of the current version of this crossover.


There’s no question that when you’re looking for a full-size SUV, you just remember Sequoia. After all, this is not a new model in the market segment. However, the Sequoia has a huge problem that tends to lead people to buy other SUVs on the market. The fact that the design is incredibly outdated doesn’t really help it. However, Toyota, instead of promoting a huge makeover, continues to try to do smaller facelifts like this one. Will this be enough for you to even consider buying the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia? Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

2018 Toyota Sequoia Exterior


This is the part of the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia that everyone is anxious to see. So, let’s not wait any longer and let us tell you what we found out.

Even though the overall shape won’t be changing, the truth is that they made a lot of little changes. The 2018 Toyota Sequoia will get a new grille. a new set of headlights, and even a different bumper that will include more air intakes. All headlights now use the LED technology.


On the rear of the 2018 Toyota Sequoia, you’ll notice that the tail lights are different. However, we believe there’s not a single change on the bumper.

In case you decide to buy the 2018 Toyota Sequoia, you’ll have more paint schemes to choose for.

2018 Toyota Sequoia Interior


Looking at the interior of the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia, we can only say that we are a bit disappointed. We were expecting a lot more changes. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to see that the instrument cluster is new and that now includes a larger information screen. Besides, the center stack also looks more modern as well as the screen of the infotainment system is better and the climate control rotary knobs are easier to use.

While the materials are no more than average, the space is very impressive.


The new 2018 Toyota Sequoia doesn’t have anything new under the hood. It continues to come with the one and only 5.7-liter naturally aspired V8 engine that is able to produce 381 of horsepower and 401 of torque. In what concerns with the transmission, nothing is changed once again. The 2018 Toyota Sequoia still comes with the 6-speed automatic gearbox with is outdated.

Due to this, and in terms of the engine, the 2018 Toyota Sequoia can’t be considered as a true competitor to its more direct rivals.

Release Date and Price

The new 2018 Toyota Sequoia debut already occur during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show this year. This model was introduced with the Toyota Tundra, since they both share the same platform. We should expect to see the 2018 Toyota Sequoia arrive at the dealerships around September this year.

Regarding the price, we believe that the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia will be a little more expensive that its rivals. The standard model base price should be around the $46,000.

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Robert • July 13, 2017

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